Advanced Detection and Response (ADR)

Automating ADR Security

What Is ADR

Automatically Block Or Remove Email Threats In Seconds

CyberCision™ ADR provides businesses with continuous real-time monitoring of email security service and automated threat visibility, detection, alerts with response to attacks and incidents. Currently available with CyberCision™ Email Security, it provides in-built advanced email protection against targeted phishing and impersonation attacks. 

It provides continuous threat hunting via retrospective analysis of URL/Links and attachments in delivered emails and threat containment via automated inbox message clawback to ‘defuse’ advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks by cyber criminals before any damage can be caused to SMBs’ business.

CyberCision™ ADR from FirstWave is a perfect security layer for M365 business email customers to provide the layer of defense required to mitigate ‘security holes’.


"We are excited to partner with FirstWave and in doing so bring advanced detection and response technology onto FirstWave’s CyberCision".

Youssef Abillama

Managing Director


"FirstWave’s unique public cloud security service orchestration platform, coupled with its leading email security solution, provides a powerful solution that we can offer to existing and new customers.”

Damian Higgins

Managing Director

Advanced Detection And Response Benefits

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Suite For All Businesses


High efficacy protection with advanced threat research and intelligence to protect any size of business from the latest targeted email phishing attacks


Fully-integrated detection built in line with the security protection provided by the Cisco ESA and FirstWave’s machine learning layers


Continuous real-time monitoring of email security services and automated threat visibility, detection, and alerts with response to attacks and incidents


Provides retrospective (post-delivery but pre-breach) email phishing or malware/ransomware threat discovery in the M365 mail box


Defuses ‘zero-day’ phishing by acquiring, aggregating and acting on threat intelligence shared by a large variety of well-regarded threat sources into one threat intelligence platform


Comes with the CyberCision™ mobile app for threat alerts in real time no matter where you are

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Advanced Detection And Response Features

High-Power Out-of-the Box Features For Intelligent Security

High efficacy protection

High efficacy protection

  • Detection & Response engine to complement Cisco ESA/ESP functions
  • Continuously optimizes and fine-tunes correlation rules
  • Detects threats that evade gateway and mail platform security
  • Unique application of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology
  • ‘Red/ Blue team’ experts monitor & emulate latest adversary/attacker threats
  • Designed to proactively detect/ defuse ‘zero-day’ phishing threats

Perfect complement to M365 security

Perfect complement to M365 security

  • Helps detect targeted attacks that evade M365 security
  • Finds ‘Novel’ attacks not seen before, targeted at specific business users
  • Capture key features, context, content of every email – in & out of mailbox
  • Continuously analyze & correlate for ‘signals’ that indicate attack
  • Apply a severity rating/risk score based on confidence of attack
  • Alert, notify & remediate as per customer-defined thresholds

Full visibility and control of threats

Full visibility and control of threats

  • Integrated ADR Threat Dashboard
  • Monitors security and velocity of alerts
  • Real time view of threats with mobile app
  • Drills-down in the alerts and response actions
  • View top threats and top vulnerability
  • Action playbooks to clawback delivered threats

ADR Service Features

Compare Network Device Discovery

ADR Service Features

  • Last-10 leaked credentials (dark web monitoring)
  • 24*7 zero-day phishing threat detection (inbound/outbound)
  • Real-time alert visibility (dashboard) + notifications (email)

Email ADR-Premium (Before & During, and After Attack Protection)

  • ADR Essentials PLUS
  • Advanced Leaked Credentials: Access richer, more comprehensive information about breached data, beyond what is available in ADR Essentials.
  • This helps you to better identify and respond to employee credentials leaked to the Dark Web.
  • Post Delivery Email Link/URL Threat Detection
  • Advanced threat detection for link phishing, spear phishing, and malware threat detection, which runs both during and after email delivery.
  • Retrospective link analysis allows you to detect and respond to zero-day email attacks, which were not classified as ‘malicious’ or ‘highly risky’ by threat intelligence sources (such as M365, Google, Cisco TALOS etc.) at time of email delivery.
  • Post-Delivery Email Attachment Threat Detection
  • Advanced threat dectection for email attachments, which runs both during and after email delivery.
  • Leverage Cisco AMP Threatgrid file analysis and AMP Retrospective disposition verdict updates.
  • Retrospective analysis allows you to detect and respond to zero-day email attacks, which were missed at the time of origional email delivery, but may still be waiting in users’ inboxes.
  • Post-Delivery Email Threat Response by Remediation
  • Allow administrators to actively contain and remediate threats from emails which have already been delivered to users’ M365 inboxes.

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FAQS And Support

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General FAQs

ADR is a proprietary software solution from FirstWave.

In simple terms, CyberCision™ Email (former version without ADR) provides a very advanced and market-leading email security service with a primary emphasis on prevention of known email threats, as well as advanced email content control.

By comparison, CyberCision™ Email-ADR is an augmentation of CybeCision Email with an emphasis on email threat detection & response. In combination, they deliver outstanding email security & protection spanning the entire threat management cycle: predict, prevent, detect & respond.

Yes. The solution is combined with CyberCision™ Email Security.


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