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Open-AudIT Cloud: Network Discovery. Inventory. Audit.

What Is Open-AudIT Cloud?

Unparalleled IT Asset Discovery & Risk Management For Data-Driven Teams

Open-AudIT Cloud brings the features of the Open-AudIT platform, used by over 130,000 organizations globally, into a cloud-based, software-as-a-service offering. 

Save yourself time, money, and effort with Open-AudIT Cloud. A smooth front-end, business-focused reporting, and comprehensive discovery for more devices, this is the only tool you’ll want to audit your network. Using an agent-less framework, Open-AudIT Cloud will audit your network, on your schedule, with no impact on user experience.

The device discovery engine scans your provided network and intelligently stores the configurations of every discovered component giving you information such as hardware information, software licensing, configuration changes, non-authorized devices, capacity utilization, and hardware warranty status. Integration with NMIS is an easy 3 step process, so gathering device information alongside performance statics and configuration data has never been more straightforward.


"We take new ideas to [FirstWave] about how we'd like to see their products work and they add our ideas to the product roadmap. The relationship could not be any easier. I consider them an extension of my team."

Dayle Wilson

Chief Product & Operating Officer


"With Open-AudIT we can easily manage our PC/Laptop assets in the office at an affordable price."

Lewis Huang

IT Director


"We’ve been using Open-AudIT for over a year now and I can say that it’s everything we need and certainly fits our company requirements. Their team has been very responsive and always ready to assist if we have any queries or questions about the software or our account in general."

Edward Nabong

Technical Support Analyst


“After years of having multiple monitoring systems, we finally have a single one that works and is configurable to meet our needs.”

Paul Pyyvaara

Director of Operations


"We appreciate that we can get in touch with the [FirstWave] engineers easily. We also like the ability to develop new device models to meet our requirements."

Mike Langen

Systems Engineer Network Manager


"NMIS for the win! I like that it's agentless, and when you do need support you get quickly connected to engineers, not jumping through hoops and waiting."

Phil Shannon

Senior Systems Engineer


"Great features right out of the box, such as business rules and the ability to model any piece of equipment. All of the key features can be accessed through the GUI, but I can edit everything in the command line if I need it."

Davide Yachaya


"It’s not that companies *can* do automation, it's *how* you do automation, and at the end of the day Opmantek showed they were much better at it.’’

Milan Atanackovic

Vice President Of Engineering

Open-AudIT Cloud Benefits

The Backbone Of Your Network Management System


Discover Every Device


Automated Configuration Change Detection


Scheduled Reporting


Controlled Role-Based Access


Configuration Baselines


Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

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Open-AudIT Cloud Features

High-Power Out-of-the Box Features For Intelligent Network Management



  • All reports that are generated can be scheduled and emailed when it is suitable for you
  • Receive weekly reports on hardware changes in the last seven days
  • Receive weekly reports on new software installations in the last seven days
  • Receive weekly reports about devices that haven’t been seen in the last seven days
  • Receive weekly reports on newly discovered devices in the last seven days
  • Receive weekly reports on Software licensing that is nearing expiration

Device Auditing

Device Auditing

  • Open-AudIT will discover everything about your devices and build a comprehensive audit profile for them
  • Hardware auditing on machines, such as motherboards, processors, disks, or memory
  • Software auditing includes installed software running, services, and file auditing
  • Network auditing including network cards, IP, open ports, and routes
  • Full system details are audited
  • Users and user groups are available for auditing

Location Management

Location Management

  • With Open-AudIT you have the ability to build locations and have devices assigned to a location
  • By adding an address to a location, you can visualize where your assets are on a map
  • If your organization utilizes racks, Open-AudIT comes with rack management, you can even get a visual of your rack
  • Discover your cloud instances and know where your data is being stored
  • Open-AudIT uses Organizations to split out assets, if you are a service provider it is built to manage your customer’s equipment

Software Licensing

Software Licensing

  • Open-AudIT will discover all the installed software on your systems
  • Discover any shadow IT on your network
  • Use Open-AudIT’s license management system to match installed software with purchased licenses
  • Build historical snapshots to easily compare software over time
  • Schedule reports that look for oversubscription and get ahead of unexpected large bills

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

  • Gives you a detailed inventory of your organization’s hardware, software, and network assets
  • Open-AudIT provides information that helps cut software licensing and support costs
  • Improves your visibility and control of IT assets
  • Inventory and configuration data can help with recovery from disasters or other unexpected events

Device Discovery

Device Discovery

  • Discover all networked devices
  • Discover every server
  • Cloud instances on AWS, Azure, and Google Compute
  • Virtual Machines
  • Even store nonconnected devices

The Network Management Tool Used By Over 130,000 Organizations Worldwide


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