For many service providers, the promise of rapid cybersecurity revenue, in this race to digitization, has been elusive. Too many products to assess, deploy and manage. No time or resource to provide the focus this segment requires. Customers so confused that they commit to nothing. This category is growing rapidly, but the vendors are going direct to your customers- so you miss out.

Where do you start to get the cybersecurity train to leave the station?

Don’t come to this webinar if you just want to hear another cybersecurity stat, report or testimonial!

In this webinar, you have the chance to re-imagine and learn strategies to re-engage to scale cybersecurity revenue for your business not someone else’s.

What Attendees will learn:

– 10 growth principles to break inertia,
– how to apply these to your service provider business,
– position relevant offers to your business customers,
– how others apply these principles for real world success,
– and, how FirstWave’s CyberCision offering facilitates this growth

Who Should View:

MSP/SP/Telcos GTM teams
MSP/SP/Telcos Product managers
MSP/SP/Telco Security Architects