Why FirstWave

Protect People. Automate networks. Comprehensive business suite.

A Tech Powerhouse For The Ultimate End-To-End Solution

Highly automated intelligent software, built to Audit, Manage, and Secure your network – trusted by over 150,000 organizations worldwide.

  • Intelligent network management solutions
  • Carrier-Grade Cybersecurity Platform
  • Effortless network discovery and audit
  1. Out of the Box Functionality

    Get your network management up and running in hours, not days. Our solution supports over 10,000 vendors and their devices, ensuring seamless integration and on-going additions. Start managing your network efficiently right from the start.

  2. Fully Integrated Platform

    Experience the power of a Single Pane of Glass that delivers faster ROI and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our integrated tools promote consolidation and eliminate backend database costs, streamlining your network management.

  3. Scalable Solutions for Growing Businesses

    Choose the modules you need today and scale as your business grows. With pricing per node, you only pay for what you use. Our solutions support over hundreds of thousands of devices, ensuring your network can grow without limitations.

  4. Extensible and Flexible Architecture

    Support for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments makes our platform highly adaptable. Benefit from multi-tenancy, agile development, and a manager of managers to handle complex network structures with ease.

  5. Advanced Automation Capabilities

    Improve Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), increase engineer productivity, and ensure consistency across your network. Our automation features enhance customer satisfaction by streamlining operational processes.

  6. Comprehensive Network Audit and Management

    Leverage industry-leading event, configuration, and compliance management. Track, store, and maintain a full history of configuration changes and audit results, enabling easy comparison and ensuring compliance.

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