Secure Traffic Manager

Network Traffic Visibility and Control

Secure Traffic Manager

Industry powerhouses operate STM for real-time network traffic visibility.

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Real-time QoS Optimization for Networks and Applications

Achieve new levels of control and visibility with the Secure Traffic Manager (STM). The intelligence-driven platform provides real-time management of network traffic and application performance to ensure optimal Quality of Service. Monitor every bit of data, manage resources efficiently, and resolve issues proactively to enhance customer satisfaction and boost your revenue.

Complete Real-time Network Traffic Visibility

Instantaneous visibility, analytics, and control.

STM provides comprehensive real-time visibility into your network traffic, ensuring you are always aware of what’s happening. This allows you to:

  • Proactively manage your customers based on the health of their connections.
  • Use our proprietary “distress score” to identify users with poor Quality of Service (QoS) and address issues before they escalate.

With STM, you gain actionable insights into bandwidth consumption by application and can easily identify distressed applications and the reasons behind their poor performance.

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Multilevel Traffic Control

Complete Real-time Multilevel Traffic Control (Application/User/Network Segment)

STM offers advanced real-time control over your network traffic at multiple levels, including applications, users, and network segments. This capability allows you to:

  • Correlate data to determine if issues are specific to a customer, an application, or a network segment.
  • Access real-time and historical information on each customer, ensuring you are always ahead of potential issues.

This multilevel control helps reduce operating overheads by enabling immediate identification and resolution of performance issues, thereby increasing first call resolution rates and decreasing customer cost to serve.

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Advanced Support Tools

Advanced Support Tools

STM equips your customer service and technical support teams with advanced tools for better support:

  • One-click access to live customer metrics, allowing quick identification of network and application performance issues.
  • Minimum of two years historical data storage, enabling accurate responses to regulator queries on actual service delivered.

These tools help streamline operations, reduce the cost to serve, and improve customer satisfaction by addressing issues proactively.

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STM is your comprehensive solution for real-time network visibility, analytics, and control. It efficiently manages network traffic, ensuring optimal performance and Quality of Service (QoS) across all levels.


Advanced support tools provide one-click access to live metrics and historical data, streamlining customer service and technical support operations.


Scalable and versatile, STM meets the needs of both large carriers and smaller operators, enhancing network performance, reducing operating costs, and increasing revenue.


*Infrastructure dependent performance increase

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