Secure Traffic Manager

Network Traffic Visibility and Control

Secure Traffic Manager

The Complete Application Quality of Experience (AppQoE) Platform

Application control per bit, per user, per device, per network segment. Total visibility of all your network traffic information and resource needs.

Instantaneous visibility, analytics, and control.

No Samples. No Delays. See Exactly what is happening on your network in REAL Real Time – by User, Application, Geo-location or Access Point. Build a more efficient, competitive, and profitable network.

Optimize your incoming traffic for success.

Improve the QoE for every customer. With granular monitoring controls, users will no longer experience buffering or stalling of services like Netflix and YouTube during peak hours.

Use in-depth granular triggers to set policies to correct underperforming applications and/or users, improving the performance and reliability of your network.

Manage your costs using real-time data.

Optimize network infrastructure to handle increased load whilst reducing operational expenditure.

STM specializes in real-time network visibility, analytics, and control solutions. STM is designed to manage network traffic efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.


STM was designed to be scalable and capable of servicing large carriers and complex networks, as well as meeting the niche requirements of smaller operators.

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