Join Mark Henry as he explains the benefits of opTrend and how you can use this platform, combined with opEvents, to gain accurate insights that are intelligently drawn based on the behavior of your network.

opTrend leverages a device’s actual performance data to understand what is normal, expected behavior for a device, or interface, every day of the week, in 1hr increments. By correctly applying this information you can replace NMIS’ static thresholding with dynamic alarms based on actual performance and expected behavior.

Join us for this one-hour session where we will:

  • Introduce opTrend’s calculation system.
  • Review options for thresholding and event processing.
  • Adjustments needed to event handling and remediation in opEvents when opTrend is in use.
  • How opTrend interfaces with opCharts and opEvents to improve event response and remediation efforts.

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