18 December 2020

Avoid Risk, Don’t Accept Being Hacked And Switch to Opmantek For Your New Network Management Solution

Avoid Risk, Don’t Accept Being Hacked And Switch to Opmantek For Your New Network Management Solution
Opmantek, one of the world’s leading providers of Automated Network Management Software, has advised the Network Management Industry to lift their game.It’s evident to any CTO, IT Manager, Head of Network Operations or Network Engineer that anything that has centralized access to the network or contains centralized information is at risk from any actor, foreign or domestic. When your security is breached the cost to your business will be high! At very least, you’ll activate your security plan and work through your checklist and fix the problem or at worst you’re done. You may lose all your customers, and revenue will decline, goodwill lost, reputation tarnished and get sued. In some countries, you may need to answer for privacy breaches. It is all so much worse if you’re a government agency.


As Danny Maher, Chairman of Opmantek, said of the Solarwinds Orion Hack, “Imagine being an MSP and having to shut down your business because of this.”


If you have data or services of value, you need to protect it properly.


The opportunities to harden UNIX and LINUX based systems are well known. These operating systems are secure and harder to attack. Furthermore, backed with a robust network design, secure perimeter, enforced processes and trained staff, you become a difficult target.


A lab environment for testing the rollout of any platform, patches, updates or the like is key to understanding nuances, new features, interoperability etc. Confirmation that it does everything the documentation says and nothing more before you deploy should be the standard operating procedure. Only roll out patches and new versions if they offer you something you need, or if it’s recommended by the trusted vendor.


Craig Nelson, CEO, says that “Many customers come to us from a Windows environment due to the concerns that they have over the security of their network management platform and how many ways it can be infiltrated. We’re seeing more SaaS customers come to us too for the same reason.”


Keith Sinclair says, “The benefits of using Linux is that you have control over everything. It is critical to business continuity and data security that you have security controls in your environment to mitigate risk.”

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