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  • Full Network Health

    Tokenized access to the system allows for easier integration with other systems. Further, this enhances the ability to allow specific access controls.

  • Network Automation

    Experience the power of automating fault management, event handling, reporting, onboarding and more.

  • Bandwidth Management

    Gain additional insights and automation capabilities for your network. Perform traffic analysis to allow better bandwidth management.

  • Multi-Server Architecture

    Single or multiple primary server capability that allows pollers to report to one/many primary for multi-data center deployment.

  • Business Service Monitoring

    Highly adaptable user authorization, enabling organizations to create dashboards and charts for individuals and groups of users and manage third party vendor access more diligently.

  • Multi-Tenancy

    Remove issues associated with overlapping IP address space or multiple security domains with this low maintenance, multi-tenant solution.

Products For Enterprise

Flexible and Scalable Deployment

Get Real-Time Insights and Event Handling In one Single Pane of Glass. Consolidate management of disparate tools and network infrastructure element managers in place across multiple systems, centralizing visibility of critical systems to provide improved efficiency and control.
Testimonial picture
NMIS is hands down one of the best data collection monitoring suites we have ever used. The data and enriched alerting it provides is exactly what we were looking for to make data-driven network decisions for upgrade and growth. It has set us on the path from reactive to proactive!

Jodan Long

Director of Network Operations

Getting Started with the Virtual Machine

Experience the power of FirstWave’s network management solutions in one easy-to-use Virtual Machine. This package is preconfigured by our team and is the easiest way to install our apps, including NMIS and Open-AudIT, so you can get started with a free 20-node license and test our software for yourself.

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