Network Configuration & Compliance

Discover, Track, And Compare Changes On Your Network

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Network Configuration & Compliance Management

IT Audit, Configuration And Compliance Management

Discover And Manage Any Device

Discover And Manage Any Device

Easily run a discovery upon a network in a single click, and once discovered, audit and manage every device.

Configuration Back Up

Configuration Back Up

A light-weight compliance system that compares software, users, and netstat data against your required standard.

Compare Configurations At A Glance

Compare Configurations At A Glance

Maintain a full history of devices and configurations. Compare all your historical configurations.

Compliance Policy Engine

Compliance Policy Engine

Implement your compliance policy with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, COBIT and more using prebuilt industry standard rule sets (e.g. Cisco-NSA) or customize your own.

Massively Scalable

Massively Scalable

From the largest distributed global environments down to a single office implementation, NMIS handles the data, rules, and presentation. If you add in opHA there is no limit to what you can manage.

Automate Compliance & Change Management

Automate Compliance & Change Management

opConfig can automate everything from config push to alerting on changes and enforcing compliance.

Virtual Machine

Experience the power of FirstWave’s network management solutions in one easy-to-use Virtual Machine. This package is preconfigured by our team and is the easiest way to install our apps, including NMIS and Open-AudIT, so you can get started with a free 20-node license and test our software for yourself.

Real Customer Testimonials

Used By Over 130,000 Organizations Worldwide

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"We take new ideas to [FirstWave] about how we'd like to see their products work and they add our ideas to the product roadmap. The relationship could not be any easier. I consider them an extension of my team."
Dayle Wilson
Chief Product & Operating Officer
"With Open-AudIT we can easily manage our PC/Laptop assets in the office at an affordable price."
Lewis Huang
IT Director
"We’ve been using Open-AudIT for over a year now and I can say that it’s everything we need and certainly fits our company requirements. Their team has been very responsive and always ready to assist if we have any queries or questions about the software or our account in general."
Edward Nabong
Technical Support Analyst
""After years of having multiple monitoring systems, we finally have a single one that works and is configurable to meet our needs.""
Paul Pyyvaara
Director of Operations
"We appreciate that we can get in touch with the [FirstWave] engineers easily. We also like the ability to develop new device models to meet our requirements."
Mike Langen
Systems Engineer Network Manager
""NMIS for the win! I like that it's agentless, and when you do need support you get quickly connected to engineers, not jumping through hoops and waiting.""
Phil Shannon
Senior Systems Engineer
""Great features right out of the box, such as business rules and the ability to model any piece of equipment. All of the key features can be accessed through the GUI, but I can edit everything in the command line if I need it.""
Davide Yachaya
""It’s not that companies *can* do automation, it's *how* you do automation, and at the end of the day Opmantek showed they were much better at it.’’"
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Efficient Management Of
Your Pollers

Whole Network Visibility

Complete View Of Your Pollers

Change the poller configurations on one or many at once. See the status of all your pollers in one place. Understand how devices are distributed across all your pollers. Add new pollers with standard or custom configurations. Decommission pollers quickly.

Complete dashboarding view of all data and state from all pollers including: Local pollers, Remote pollers, Isolated pollers, Pollers behind firewalls, Segmented pollers. This gives you the ability to deploy to any type of network regardless of segmentation, a centralized view of segmented networks.

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Network Discovery and Inventory Software

Discover what’s on your network Open-AudIT is the world’s leading network discovery, inventory and audit program, used by over 130,000 organizations.

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Network Configuration Management

Compare, track and manage change and compliance, with a full history of configuration information using this powerful configuration and compliance application.

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Virtual Machine

All our networking products preconfigured

All our network management and monitoring apps (including NMIS and Open-AudIT) are ready to evaluate or deploy in this turnkey package that is installed in minutes.

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