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What is CyberCision™?

All Security Services And Businesses Managed Through A Cloud Portal

CyberCision™ is a cybersecurity-as-a-service platform that enables service providers to sell, provision, and deliver security services to their customers. Functionally, it provides integrated security services orchestration & management from a single pane of glass.

For service providers, delivering cybersecurity solutions to enterprise customers, while lucrative, can involve significant cost and complexity. FirstWave’s CyberCision is designed to address this problem. CyberCision enables service providers to provision carrier-grade security services to both enterprise and SMB customers at scale, opening the door to new revenue opportunities with a lower cost-to-serve.

With CyberCision, service providers can build as-a-service cybersecurity packages of carrier-grade, including a range of management and operational services such as multi-tenanting, billing, and provisioning that enable them to streamline the sales and delivery process at a minimal cost. The CyberCision platform incorporates the latest technologies from leading security vendors ready for today’s and tomorrow’s digital business ecosystem and evolving cybersecurity challenges.


"With the launch of Vi Cloud Firewall, Vi Business has taken another significant step towards providing comprehensive and integrated connectivity and security solutions to our enterprise customers.”

Abhijit Kishore

Chief Enterprise Business Officer


"The platform based approach allows us to offer greater flexibility and control. It has enabled us too launch a best in class security portfolio."

Sai Pratyush

Group Product Head

CyberCision™ Benefits

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform For All Service Providers


Giving service providers an accelerated pathway to launch compelling new security services


Providing tools necessary to create, deliver, and support a range of new cybersecurity offers, bundles, and marketing campaigns


The minimal upfront investment, plus reduced time-to-revenue and cost-to-serve


Delivering a frictionless customer experience through complete digitalization of the customer journey


Reinforcing, enhancing, and differentiating service providers’ core solution portfolios


Built for volume and scale with functions such as multi-tenanting, APIs, and automation to power economies of scale

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CyberCision™ Features

Why CyberCision™ Beats Other Cybersecurity Platforms

ISO Certified

ISO Certified

  • World’s best-practice information security and quality management policies, procedures, processes, and systems that manage all risks such as cyber-attacks, phishing, ransomware, and data leaks.
  • The robustness of all of our products and services gives customers the highest assurance of the confidentiality and integrity of our customer’s systems and data.

Provisioned “as-a-Service” (aaS)

Provisioned “as-a-Service” (aaS)

  • Multi-vendor security services at scale
  • Simplified security management and orchestration for service providers and their customers of any size
  • Exclusive focus on the service provider as a customer
  • Built for MSPs from network carrier technology

Open Security Management Platform (OSMP)

Open Security Management Platform (OSMP)

  • Process Automation
  • Unified Management
  • Detection And Response
  • Multi-Vendor Integration
  • A platform to scale managed security services business and operations profitably

The Platform Used By The World's Leading Service Providers


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FAQS And Support

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General FAQs

CyberCision™ is a cybersecurity-as-a-service platform that enables service providers to sell, provision, and deliver security services to their customers. Functionally, it provides integrated security services orchestration & management from a single pane of glass.

CyberCision™ comes as either a public cloud or on-premise (private/dedicated) version for service providers. The public cloud version affords a convenient, accessible starting point for service providers to sell services to end customers at their chosen pace. At any point, a service provider may elect for their own dedicated, private on-premises version that they could:

  • host themselves in owned cloud infrastructure for scale-up delivery to many SMB customers OR
  • sell to a large multi-tenant or multi-department organization such as government or education.

CyberCision™ was designed and built to meet the exacting standards of global telecommunications companies, looking to provide cybersecurity to enterprise organizations. In doing so we realized that the systems we had built not only suited ISPs, but were powerful for service providers of all sizes, globally, and that our platform helped to democratize cybersecurity for SMBs – enabling organizations of any size to have the same level of protection as the world’s largest companies.

Yes. CyberCision™ makes it easy to deploy, manage, and monitor cybersecurity solutions at scale. With market-leading security vendors, supported on our carrier-grade platform, CyberCision™ enables you to sell the same great cybersecurity offering to a small SMB or a global Enterprise.

Yes, there are several different ways.

These are termed :

  • ‘Integrated’;
  • ‘Bundled’; or
  • ‘SaaS’

Although there may be similar capabilities in the market, there are several key differentiators that are especially relevant to service provider partners. These are summarized as follows:

  • Single, integrated platform for a range of multi-vendor, multi-function security services: The platform is therefore independent of any individual security vendor and therefore the SP is not totally beholden to that single vendor, not only for future security functions but potentially also for service operation and billing (OSS/BSS)
  • Hybrid: Delivered on-premises or from the cloud (centralized or distributed)
  • Integrated management, and operational functions: Supports a range of management and operational functions for all security services off a single platform. New security services can be added to the SP security product portfolio while retaining the benefits and use of the same single platform.
  • Simplified, single process: for the operation of multi-vendor, multi-function security service delivery and billing.
  • Built for scale: This is particularly important for targeting the mid-market and SMB where volume and scale are important. One example of a CyberCision function that enables this is multi-tenanting – enabling economies of scale
  • Open: Can support existing and new 3rd party vendors and security functions
  1. CyberCision™ reduces the significant time and costs that SPs would otherwise have to expend to launch a compelling suite of new security services or offers for their SMB customer base.
  2. CyberCision™ simplifies processes and reduces operational costs for SPs to operate & deliver security services to a growing base of SMB customers over the entire service life.
  3. CyberCision™ enables SPs to deliver a complete, efficacious, and cost-effective perimeter security solution to their customers that is more effective than commonly-evaluated options such as M365.


For Technical support:


Australia Hotline :1300 17 44 19 / +61-2- 9409 7000

UK: 0808 164 1268

India: 1800 572 3425

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