CyberCision™ Platform

Cybersecurity Platform-As-A-Service

All Security Services And Businesses Managed Through A Cloud Portal

CyberCision™ helps service providers sell, set up, and provide security services from one place. It allows them to offer high-quality security services to both big and small business customers at a large scale, creating new opportunities to make money with lower costs.

The platform includes the newest technologies from top security companies, ready for today’s and tomorrow’s digital business world and changing cybersecurity challenges.

With CyberCision, service providers can create cybersecurity packages, including top-quality services like multi-tenanting, billing, and setup. Opening the door to new revenue opportunities with a lower cost-to-serve.

Comprehensive Security-as-a-Service

CyberCision provides a complete cybersecurity-as-a-service platform, enabling service providers to offer robust security services seamlessly.

Enterprise-Grade Security at Affordable Prices

Delivers world-class perimeter security products to end-users who do not own cybersecurity infrastructure, ensuring high-quality protection at a lower cost.

Unified Security Management

Offers integrated security orchestration and management from a single interface, simplifying the administration of security services.

Global Reach for Service Providers

As the only automated cybersecurity-as-a-service platform for email and web, it supports global service providers with multi-tenant virtualization and integration.

Flexible Cloud-Delivered Security

CyberCision’s cloud-based approach extends protection to remote users and distributed locations, enhancing security flexibility and scalability.

Seamless Activation and Protection

Employs industry-leading technologies with 100% frictionless activation, ensuring quick and effective protection for Microsoft 365 users.

Integrated Security Services

Provides firewall, web, and email security services managed from a unified console, streamlining security operations for service providers.

Advanced Email Security

Utilizes Cisco and FirstWave technologies to protect against malware, ransomware, phishing, and impersonation attacks across all devices.

Web Security with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Combines DNS-based or web proxy technology with Cisco Talos intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for dynamic threat evaluation and response.

Centralized Management and Visibility

Offers a centralized view of security status across all users, accessible via a unified web console and mobile app, ensuring continuous monitoring and control.

Service Provider and Telco Focus

Designed specifically for telecommunications carriers and service providers, offering an alternative to traditional data center security with cloud-delivered services.

Automated and Cost-Effective Operations

Virtualizes multi-tenants and integrates security products to minimize operational costs, making it an efficient solution for service providers to manage and deliver.

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With the launch of Vi Cloud Firewall, Vi Business has taken another significant step towards providing comprehensive and integrated connectivity and security solutions to our enterprise customers.

Abhijit Kishore

Chief Enterprise Business Officer

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