IT Process Automation

Increase Your Productivity With Automation

Drive for efficiency and keep the bottom line under wraps by automating your network management

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Operational Process Automation Benefits

  • Automation for efficiency

    Automation allows you to get data when faults occur

  • Link Data

    Use all data better, link data to information and knowledge

  • Automate the identification

    Automate the identification of key operational issues

  • Automate the troubleshooting

    Automate the troubleshooting of known/recurring problems

  • Automate the resolution

    Link known problems with known corrective actions and automate the resolution

  • Transfer knowledge

    Enable the transfer of knowledge from experienced staff to less experienced staff

Products For IT Process Automation

High-Power Out-Of-The Box Features For Efficient Network Management

Operational Process Automation is about getting the right systems in place to automate repetitive operational tasks, in order to improve efficiency and ensure consistency in operations teams. Ultimately, OPA is about improving the Mean Time To Resolve and driving down the cost of delivery.
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After years of having multiple monitoring systems, we finally have a single one that works and is configurable to meet our needs.

Paul Pyyvaara

Director of Operations

Getting Started with the Virtual Machine

Experience the power of FirstWave’s network management solutions in one easy-to-use Virtual Machine. This package is preconfigured by our team and is the easiest way to install our apps, including NMIS and Open-AudIT, so you can get started with a free 20-node license and test our software for yourself.

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