Getting Started with the NMIS 9 VM

The quickest and fastest way to get started with the NMIS 9 Software and its modules is to use the NMIS 9 VM!

FirstWave’s Virtual Machine is an all-in-one package to allow you to begin taking control of your network without the hassle of setting up a server.

This bundle includes NMIS 9, Open-AudIT 4, opCharts 4, opConfig 4, opEvents 4, opReports 4, opHA 3, opAddress 2.

The best part is that you can get a time-unlimited license for up to 20 nodes for each of these modules, absolutely free!

  • Download our Virtual Appliance, packed as an OVA ready for deployment on your choice of hypervisor. We have instructions for the below hypervisors:

  • Once the virtual appliance has been deployed successfully, you can power it on! The default credentials for the virtual machine (usable in console and SSH) are:

    Username: omkadmin
    Password: NM1$88

    To access the GUI, point your browser to the IP address of the Virtual Appliance. Once authenticated (using the credentials in the message of the day on the login page), our Getting Started Wizard will guide you through the process. You can choose which modules you want to license (and if you do not know, you can always choose all). We then collect some information from you to finish the licensing process and then you can add nodes.

  • By default a “localhost” node is added to NMIS, this is the NMIS server and will already be collecting a lot of metrics, statistics, and events/alerts. To add more nodes, you have the option of:

    • Adding a node at a time
    • Importing using our provided Excel spreadsheet template.

    You are now monitoring nodes on your network! You can utilise our product suite to do

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