05 September 2018

Build your cybersecurity capabilities with government support

Build your cybersecurity capabilities with government support

Australians are avid users of online social media, banking and government services – making individuals and businesses in this country attractive targets for cybercrime.

According to a recent government cybersecurity review, cybercrime costs us about $1 billion in direct costs alone each year. Victims’ business and employment opportunities may dry up, while reputations and well-being are also at risk.

Scammers are increasingly focusing on very small businesses that may lack the resources and expertise to defend themselves against cyberattacks. The Australian Government recently noted a rise in business email scams – particularly targeting businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

The Government has taken a range of measures to build its cybersecurity capabilities. These include the recent launch of a ‘purpose-built’ Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) headquarters to protect critical infrastructure, businesses and the Australian public; integrating the ACSC into the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the organisation that works across intelligence, cybersecurity and offensive operations; and consolidating a range of websites, including those for for ACORN (the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) and the ACSC, into the cyber.gov.au website.

So how can small businesses take advantage of these consolidated government capabilities to improve their cybersecurity? They can access a range of resources through https://cyber.gov.au/business/, including guides, updates and alert services. They may also advise any workers that may be a victim of a cybersecurity incident to report it and obtain advice through https://cyber.gov.au/individual/report/.

Furthermore, they may access information about partnerships between the ACSC and businesses involved in critical infrastructure or systems of national interest. Eligible businesses may receive threat intelligence and incident management support.

We recommend owners and senior managers at small businesses take the time to understand the government’s measures. They should use the government’s cybersecurity materials to build their own knowledge and capabilities – and ultimately improve the cybersecurity posture of their businesses.

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