02 June 2022

Frictionless Email Security: The Solution to Onboarding Email Security

Frictionless Email Security: The Solution to Onboarding Email Security

In the race to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats, email security is more important than ever. However, traditional methods of onboarding email security solutions have been slow and costly, preventing many businesses from implementing these vital protections. CyberCision from FirstWave changes all that with Frictionless Email Security. This innovative new approach removes the barriers to onboarding email security, making it easier and faster for service providers and telcos to add these essential protections to their customers’ networks. With Frictionless Email Security, you can be confident that your business is protected from the latest threats!

Email is one of the most important communications tools for businesses, so it’s essential to have a secure platform in place. However, onboarding customers to an email security platform can be time-consuming and fraught with potential for human error. In the past, service providers have had to dedicate significant amounts of time, often after hours, from senior technical staff to make manual changes to DNS and MX records. Even with the best intentions, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong.
Between the finite ‘change windows’ available after hours for service providers to lean on their senior staff before burning them out, and the additional cost this incurs and will almost certainly need to be passed onto their customers, traditional email security onboard is full of barriers.

That’s where FirstWave’s Frictionless Email Security comes into its own. With automated activation, not beholden to manual DNS and MX record changes, as well as API integrations to enable the ability to deploy at scale, FirstWave empowers service providers and telcos to deploy world-class email security to their customers with ease.

Finally, service providers and telcos can onboard email security customers at scale, at speed, and with minimal effort, opening new channels to market.