19 December 2017

Installing Open-AudIT

Installing Open-AudIT

(and discovering What’s On Your Network in 10 minutes)

Open-AudIT can be downloaded, installed, configured and discovering devices in under 10 minutes. The main points are:

  • Go to Nmap.org and download Nmap for Windows. Install Nmap.
  • Go to Open-AudIT.org and download the latest version. Install Open-AudIT.
  • Log on to Open-AudIT and fill out the form to receive a free 20 device license.
  • Add some credentials.
  • Add a Discovery.
  • Run the Discovery.
  • Done!

Let’s break these down.

Open-AudIT uses Nmap as part of its discovery routine. No Nmap, no discovery. Go to the nmap.org webpage, click the Downloads link and download the latest Nmap version for Windows. Linux users don’t have to do this as our Linux installer will automatically install Nmap (and the other dependencies) for you. Install Nmap by right-clicking the .exe and selecting “Run as Administrator”, and simply use the default (already chosen) options. Open-AudIT doesn’t require any special setup or configuration of Nmap – we just need it installed.

Go to open-audit.org and download the latest version. Supply your name, email and company and download the binary. Windows users can install by right-clicking the .exe and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Linux users can run “sudo ./OAE-Linux-x86_64-release_2.0.11.run”.

Log on to Open-AudIT and you should see a splash screen informing you that you do not have a license – but Opmantek will give you a 20 device license for free. Just fill out the form and your 20 device Professional license will be activated.

All you need to do now is add some credentials, add a discovery and run it. Done!

You can see the entire process below in a short video.