22 September 2015

Open-AudIT Enterprise License Changes (for the better)

Open-AudIT Enterprise License Changes (for the better)

Great news everyone – FirstWave now provide a free license for 20 devices that is not time limited. That’s right – you can now use Open-AudIT Enterprise on 20 devices for free, forever. We don’t mind if you’re a small business owner, a student or just have an extensive home network. Open-AudIT Enterprise is free for you to use on 20 devices.
This is a change from our old “25 devices for 30 days” license that customers tended to find expired rather quickly. We feel it will allow our users to better evaluate Open-AudIT – including using it as a test system. You can run it at home, at work or wherever you like.

Of course Open-AudIT Community is still free and open source software, just as it always has been. And now for added extra bonus points, the source is available on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and contribute back for both your own and everyone else’s benefit.

It’s now even easier to see “What’s on your network”!

Maps, Scheduled Discovery, Dashboard, Scheduled Reports, Enterprise specific “over time” reports – it’s all there, waiting for you to use free of charge.

Why is FirstWave doing this?

Besides the fact that FirstWave and our staff all love open source (we have built the company on it, after all), we feel that allowing users to actually experience Open-AudIT Enterprise without having to worry about when their trial license will expire will remove some of the weight and urgency around evaluating our software. It will also allow users to install and use Open-AudIT in testing environments without worry and knowing what they’re using is exactly the same as what they see in production. Users can try out various aspects of the software free from worry about breakage of their important data.

What do I get in the Free license?

You get everything a paid for license gets in terms of the software and it’s features. Obviously we cannot offer our enterprise grade support for nothing, so we do keep that for our paying customers. There is always FirstWave Questions and the Open-AudIT forums though. We have many contributors who are happy to help where they can. Some users though simply require support and know that if they have an issue, FirstWave is there to assist.

We do encourage our users to consider a paid license where they can as this helps FirstWave, which in turn helps Open-AudIT. We love open source, but we need to eat!

Will I see anything new in the software?

In short – yes. We have added a new modal to Open-AudIT that will detail the Open-AudIT Enterprise offering. If you don’t wish to see it, it is easily dismissable. We even provided a “don’t show me again” option. We think that’s a very fair trade. Dismiss it if you don’t want to see it 🙂

Will the Open-AudIT source be altered to make using Enterprise required?

Absolutely not. Open-AudIT is free and open source software. Always has been. Always will be. It’s on GitHub. We do happily accept code contributions though and would encourage users to contribute to the main project rather than blindly fork it. We obviously spend a lot of time developing Open-AudIT and will continue to do so going forward. A fork (for forks sake) would likely require considerable effort just to stay current. Why not simply contribute to the main project and let us do it for you? It’s called upstreaming.

We hope you like the changes and we hope you will install, test, play with and improve Open-AudIT with us.

What if I want more than 20 devices in Open-AudIT Enterprise?

FirstWave offer very attractive 12 month subscription licenses for Open-AudIT Enterprise. 100 devices is just $249 US and 500 devices is just $799 US – and both include our awesome support package! If you would like even more devices, please hit the Contact Us link on FirstWave.com and a staff member in your geographical area will contact you ASAP. We have staff in Europe, USA, South America and Australia.

We love open source and we know you do as well. Let’s improve it together and at the same time, help make your life easier.