31 March 2020

Peace of Mind For Monitoring Networks And Assets Remotely During COVID-19

Peace of Mind For Monitoring Networks And Assets Remotely During COVID-19

Thousands of businesses worldwide, many of which have never had work from home processes or policies in place have suddenly had to accommodate remote access to company networks, the relocation of hardware assets as staff take key equipment home and increased stress on systems and software as staff utilising home internet connections with limited bandwidth access applications designed to be supported by corporate networks putting strain on resources and creating stress for the IT departments responsible for the digital security of network, software and hardware.

If you are an IT manager coping with the sudden adaptation to an online businesses structure, these 5 Opmantek product features and tools will help to provide you with peace of mind that everything is under control, and if you’re are an Australian Healthcare or Government organisation you can apply to have the entire commercial suite of Opmantek network management and IT Audit tools provided FREE of charge under our COVID-19 Software Relief Program.

Hardware Asset Tracking

Conduct a digital audit of your infrastructure and hardware to keep track of when devices were last seen and where.

Application Monitoring

Keep an eye on the performance of private cloud and SaaS applications that may be slow or underperforming due to higher than normal traffic and other response issues.

Anomaly Detection

Let Opmantek’s machine learning, trending and event management modules alert you when unusual activity occurs on your network or to any of your networked devices.

Remote Configuration Management

Monitor, track and update the configuration of core network infrastructure including security settings and firewalls remotely and get alerts of any unauthorised changes.  Roll out and roll back new device configurations manually or automatically in seconds.

Automated Event Remediation

Use the Event Management scripting tool to proactively trigger automated responses to a variety of common network issues, resolving tickets before human intervention is required and storing logs that can be reviewed and analysed to put more preventative measures in place.

Combined with the scalability, reliability, ease of deployment and low-cost support that Opmantek Software are recognised for globally, if you need intelligent network management that works anywhere and everywhere, download the Opmantek VM today.