23 October 2017

Three Reports You Should Run Every Week in Open-AudIT

Three Reports You Should Run Every Week in Open-AudIT


Open-AudIT provides many useful reports about your network, the devices that exist on it and many other items.

Three quick and easy reports that will provide you with an invaluable insight to your network are: Daily Discovered Devices, Daily Discovered Software, and Devices Not Seen.

You can schedule these to run each week and to email you the report for the previous week’s items. This simple action will give you an essential view of what’s happening with devices on your network. All automated. Set and forget. Easy.

We have a quick video showing these reports, here:


Daily Discovered Devices

When you run this report you will see a list of the devices discovered each day. You will also see any devices that are “unknown”. These might be devices you do not have credentials to access or devices that do not respond to the normal discovery tests. This is a very quick and easy way to discover any unauthorized devices that have been plugged in.

Daily Discovered Software

Now you can easily see if new software has been installed. Was it authorized? Is it on the list of allowed software? Who installed it? When? Easily get a report each week that you can quickly skim through and know what’s happening.

Devices Not Seen

How would you know if a device has not been on your network for an extended amount of time? Because Open-AudIT records when it has seen devices, calculating how long since it has seen a device is easy. You might expect to not see a salesman’s laptop for a couple of weeks – but what about a couple of months? What about a desktop – why would it not have been seen? With this report, you can quickly get to the bottom of missing devices – including even who is responsible for the device in question. Quick. Simple. Easy.

Simply scheduling these three simple reports will provide you much more visibility on your network, and will even make your network safer!