04 June 2019

Top Tips to Achieve Operations Team Buy in For An Automation Project

Top Tips to Achieve Operations Team Buy in For An Automation Project

Gartner projected that “Global spending on robotic process automation (RPA) software is estimated to reach $680 million in 2018, an increase of 57 per cent year over year”.

Currently the biggest adopters of RPA include banks, insurance companies, utilities and telecommunications companies. With these industries being some of the most prevalent users of Opmantek Software to automate their network administration and orchestration, we decided to talk to our partners and customers about their experience in implementing robotic process automation and operational process automation in their businesses.

Here are the top 4 tips they gave for gaining team buy-in for an operations project.

Keep the team focused on their job outputs, not tasks

“We hired you for your communication and problem-solving skills, not for your typing speed”.  When implementing an automation project it is really important that staff who will have their routines impacted understand that the automation will serve them to do the job they were hired to do better.  The reports you used to spend an hour running are now ready to review when you arrive at your desk, giving you an extra hour to do what you do best.

Focus on small, regular, time-consuming tasks

When choosing the first tasks to be automated, keep it simple and measurable, so that staff and management can see tangible results from the exercise.  Daily or weekly reports or tasks that have dedicated maintenance windows such as system upgrades or audits are great places to start.

Get your team to workshop the best practice process steps

By giving the team exposure and input into the work that will be automated it allows them to feel some control over the project.  Running a best practice workshop both benefits the project, in ensuring that the most efficient and effective paths to resolution are implemented for the project and helps the staff to understand exactly what the ‘bots’ will be doing for them.

Let the team have some fun with it

One IT manager shared that within his team, each of the bots that completes a specific process was given a name and soon became part of the work team.  If a process failed the team would laugh and say ‘R2D2 is sleeping on the job again”.  This seemed to help with human-computer interaction quite significantly.


Here at Opmantek, we have seen many IT departments transformed through the implementation of our suite of tools to automate regular tasks like software and hardware audits, configuration changes, maintenance routines and IP address allocation and management.  To speak to one of our engineers about your Network automation project contact us here.