18 December 2018

Why Managed Service Providers Should Consider a Self-hosted RMM Solution Over Software As a Service

Why Managed Service Providers Should Consider a Self-hosted RMM Solution Over Software As a Service

With a growing dependence on the internet, many small and medium-sized organisations are opting out of managing their own networks and handing the reigns over to Managed Service Providers.  Managed services is a fast-growing industry that is expected to reach $193.34 billion with 12.5% CAGR by 2019 and Opmantek has long been recognised as a leading self-hosted RMM software provider to some of the biggest players in the industry.

In recent times, there has been a shift in the market to Software as a Service (SaaS) purchasing and many vendors now offer cloud-based solutions as a ‘simple’ software play for MSP’s. However, we have found that our customers require flexibility, and cloud is a one size fits most service that is not capable of supporting all network devices.  Every day we are getting more and more enquiries from MSP’s looking to regain control of their network by taking back ownership of their network management system.

Here are the top reasons our customers prefer on-premise or private cloud hosted Opmantek software over SaaS.

100% visibility and control

SaaS-based remote management systems are often a good option for micro MSP’s because of the ease of deployment and monthly subscription payments for each monitored instance that make budgeting easy until your client base starts to grow. The devices under management become more obscure as the size of the networks you are managing increase.  That’s when you start to lose network visibility, the event, health and performance data starts to lose quality and additional licensing costs associated with more complex network architectures begin to emerge.

Opmantek Software can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise but because you retain ownership of the database and have access to the source code at the core of NMIS, you maintain architectural, device and cost control.


Flexible integration

It is unlikely that any business will be implementing network management software for the first time when they come to search for a solution.  It is highly likely that they will already have a number of products performing different functions within their network environment and they may not wish to, or be able to, replace them all at once.

Opmantek supports a huge range of integration options through REST APIs (HTTP(S)), batch operations, information provided in JSON files or CSV forms.

Service Now API integration is tried and tested in both directions for incident feeds and CMDB asset feeds as well.

Opmantek offers end to end solutions, you can implement them in stages (or only implement some of the features) and be assured that whatever other platforms you are working with, you will have the ability to integrate and feed data between your systems and maintain complete visibility in your Opmantek dashboards.

Tailored Business Requirements and Ownership of data

One size fits all rarely works for large network environments, but it is this cookie cutter system approach that is standard with SaaS RMM software providers.

“Configuration over customization” has long been a core value of our development team – rather than creating new versions of software for individual customers, we co-create software features with our customers and make them available and configurable for the hundreds of thousands of organisations that have used Opmantek’s software over the years.  Almost every conceivable business requirement is catered for using configurations. Fault configuration, for example, can be adjusted in hugely flexible ways with our modelling policy engine, enabling one to make use of any metadata about a device to selectively apply fault and performance management.  opEvents enables event management, correlation, escalation, network remediation automation, network fault analysis automation to be configured in an infinitely flexible manner to suit customer difference and your NOC.

Unlimited Scalability

With the number of connected devices within every organization increasing exponentially over recent years the ability to grow and scale to meet the needs of a business, without eroding profits for managed service providers is becoming more and more critical.  As Managed Service Businesses grow, many SaaS providers force their users to compromise on the richness of data and troubleshooting capabilities by requesting paid upgrades to store more historical data.

At Opmantek we provide unparalleled scalability and ease of scaling.

We are highly efficient in our polling so you gain the most from each poller with thousands of devices per server instance even with full-featured polling. We also enable you to use as many pollers as you wish using opHA, we haven’t seen a limit of how many devices or elements one can manage on a single system. MongoDB provides cost-effective storage of as much data as you choose to store, making trending information and machine learning capabilities far more effective.

We are regularly approached to replace other major vendors products because they are unable to scale, enormously costly to scale or they lose functionality as they do.

Want to learn more about how Opmantek’s RMM solutions can increase your network visibility, deliver unmatched automation and save money for your Managed Service organization?  Click here to request a personalised demo from one of our engineers today!