Audit and discover everything on your network.

See Exactly What Is On Your Network, How It Is Configured, And When It Changes.

No Other IT Auditing Software Can Discover As Much As Open-AudIT

Open-AudIT intelligently scans an organization’s network and stores the configurations of the discovered devices. This gives you immediate access to software licensing, configuration changes, non-authorized devices, capacity utilization and hardware warranty status reports.

Open-AudIT can collect significant amounts of data from large and varying networks that are cataloged and can easily be configured into meaningful reports.

It’s no wonder why Open-AudIT is used by over 130,000 organizations worldwide.

Discover Every Device

Easily create network discovery profiles for your organization and then run a discovery with a single click or even on an automated schedule.

Audit your organization’s network daily without impacting the user experience and intelligently store the configuration of every discovered component.

Pinpoint Changes  In Your Environment

Track and report on IT asset configuration changes, software licensing, and shadow IT and hardware warranty status.

Open-AudIT tells you precisely what is on your network, how it is configured, and when those configurations change.

Stay on top of IT licensing Requirements

Get definitive lists of all your software licensing and asset management. Also, get historical snapshots for easy comparison.

Open-AudIT is a tool that offers detailed information about the devices on your network, including their configurations and any changes that occur. It is designed to be installed on a server (Windows or Linux) and used to scan your networks for devices. When a device is found, Open-AudIT runs a series of commands on it and saves the resulting data in a database. This data can be used for various reporting purposes. Open-AudIT comes with a set of over 50 reports, and users can also create custom reports as needed.

Open-AudIT uses an agentless framework to audit your network on your schedule without impacting user experience. The device discovery engine scans your network and intelligently stores the configurations of every discovered component. This provides information such as hardware details, software licensing, configuration changes, non-authorized devices, capacity utilization, and hardware warranty status.

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