Network Configuration & Compliance Management


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Use opConfig to capture, track, push configuration changes for any network connected device or cloud application.

opConfig tracks changes and stores a complete history of configuration information while continuously monitoring the configuration of devices discovered by Open-AudIT Enterprise or managed by NMIS

OpConfig introduces operational delegation to your organization, improving your risk management and regulatory compliance (APRA, PCI-DSS, SOX) for device configuration, software versions and hardware.

Organizations can efficiently manage the backup and comparison of configuration information, aiding in the quick resolution of problems and compliance with standards.

Comprehensive Network Configuration Management

opConfig supports multi-vendor environments, allowing for the collection and backup of configuration data from any hardware or software.

It also maintains a complete history of configuration changes and audit results, making it easy to compare changes and ensure compliance

Automation and Compliance Enforcement

The tool automates tasks such as configuration pushes, change alerts, and compliance enforcement using pre-built industry-standard rule sets or customizable policies. This helps in maintaining network integrity and security efficiently.

User Management and Accessibility

opConfig includes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and operational delegation features, ensuring secure user management. It is also designed for easy implementation and accessibility from any device, integrating seamlessly with other FirstWave applications.

opConfig begins by discovering network devices using protocols like SNMP, SSH, or Telnet, automatically adding them to its inventory. It periodically collects configuration data from these devices, manually or on a set schedule. When changes are detected, opConfig logs them and can trigger alerts to notify administrators, ensuring prompt attention to unauthorized or potentially harmful modifications.


opConfig performs compliance checks by comparing device configurations against predefined policies, alerting administrators to any deviations. It allows for executing scripts across multiple devices for bulk updates and maintenance tasks, which can be scheduled for automation.

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