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Empowering Service Providers To Secure SMBs

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Empowering Service Providers To Secure SMBs

The Platform Used By The World’s Leading Service Providers


Features For SMBs

Carrier-grade Security
Accessible To All

Full Security

Full Security

Complete digital perimeter security around all SMB employees.

Democratizing Cybersecurity

Democratizing Cybersecurity

Making carrier-grade security solutions accessible to SMBs through multi-tenanted, subscription based cybersecurity products.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Ease of management and use with always-visible security and protection.

Grows with Businesses

Grows with Businesses

As-as-Service model, SMBs can consume as much or as little as they need.

Out of the Box Security

Out of the Box Security

Pre-defined security settings and policies optimized for SMBs.

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Deploy

​Fast and frictionless deployment - one simple order and permission​.

White Paper

FirstWave’s CyberCision platform was tailor-made to lower the cost of cybersecurity ownership for SMBs and simplify cybersecurity management while providing all the necessary capabilities needed to maintain a solid security posture.

Real Solutions For Customers

Small & Medium Businesses Enjoy…


“We are absolutely delighted with this latest security suite” said Steve Wright, Networks and Security Manager at Forestry Corporation of NSW. “This is a great resource. We have full visibility and can go into the platform, investigate and find when and what activity has occurred. This was one of the easiest security solutions to implement and manage. It was seamless while migrating data from the previous platform.”

Carrier-grade security


World’s leading vendors

Access to Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet and Trend Micro technology.


Targeted attack defense

ADR against sophisticated phishing attacks.


Alerts on the run

Receive email security alerts in the palm of your hand with our white labeled mobile app.


“The importance of cyber security in business should never be overlooked. No business with an online presence is immune to a cyber-attack, and the financial, physical and legal implications of an attack on any business can be absolutely devastating.

With Tata Tele Business Services’ Cyber security solutions ensure your organization is protected from unauthorized access, data breaches and other cyber threats.”

Securing Critical Business Information


Reputation protection

Protect critical information and minimize reputational risk by blocking cyber threats before they became issues.


Improved performance

Improve productivity and efficiency by reducing unwanted internet traffic and protecting employees from attacks.


Ease of use

Deliver a better user experience by upgrading to the latest TIP platform, Cisco Umbrella.

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Single View Of All Services

Alerts In The Palm Of Your Hand

Defend Against Targeted Attacks

FirstWave's CyberCision gives service providers the ability to offer a comprehensive solution that helps their customers manage, automate, and strengthen their cybersecurity to safeguard the full scope of all digital vulnerabilities.

Products Recommended

Designed For SMBs


Frictionless Email Security

Automated onboarding with no manual DNS or MX record changes - saving time, removing risk of human error, and enabling scale


Branded Mobile App

Putting visibility and control into your customer’s hands with a powerful, white-labeled app

Service Providers FAQs

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CyberCision enables enterprise-quality cybersecurity from the world’s leading vendors provided as-a-Service.

It supports a comprehensive range of cost-effective, security services that can be provided to the SMB customer by the SP without the need for the SMB to retain their own cybersecurity team and without the need to buy any infrastructure.

For the SMB it provides a:

  • Complete digital perimeter security and protection for all employees/users
  • Low-cost ‘PAYG’ subscription (only pay for what you need and use)
  • Fast & frictionless deployment (one simple order and permission)
  • Pre-defined security settings / policies (optimized for SMBs)
  • Ease of management and use (always-visible security and protection)
  • As-as-Service model (consume as much or as little as the SMB needs)

The CyberCisionTM platform offers advanced security options for Email, Web, Firewall, and ADR, all managed and orchestrated through our single-pane-of-glass platform.

  • Email security
    • Protects every employee of customer using business email – anywhere, on any device – against initial stage malware, ransomware,
    • targeted phishing or impersonation attacks by cybercriminals or threat actors
    • Employs industry-leading Cisco and FirstWave Email security technologies in the platform with 100% frictionless activation and
    • protection via APIs into M365 and Google Gmail clouds
    • Ready for SPs to offer & sell to customers, bundled with M365, through their digital marketplace
    • SP can provide every customer with a centralized view of security & protection status across all email users, 24*7, via
      • Unified Web Console and
      • Mobile Security APP
  • Web security
    • Provides every customer employee accessing the Web from anywhere – in office, at home or remote – a powerful, effective and unobtrusive first line-of-defense against phishing , malicious Web content or malware infections
    • Employs market-leading Cisco Umbrella DNS security technologies with simplified service views and reporting on single pane of glass
    • SP can provide every customer with a centralized view of service and security for all Web users, 24*7, via
      • Unified Web Console
      • Mobile Security APP for Web security on roadmap
    • Ideal for SPs to offer/ sell Web +Email security + M365 bundles on digital marketplace as best-in-market SMB digital perimeter security solution
  • Firewall security
    • Protects SPs’ Broadband (BB) or Internet Leased Line (ILL) customers from
      • cybercriminals trying to access IT systems to install ransomware or steal credentials, data or information;
      • office users accessing risky or unauthorized web sites and downloading risky or malicious content, malware
    • Firewall security service is completely integrated with Broadband , Internet Leased Line or Secure Internet Gateway service:
    • Employs multi-tenant PAN VM-series firewall technology, fully-orchestrated by CyberCision platform from cloud or within SP’s own infrastructure
    • Extensible to other SP Firewall-as-a-Service uses cases – incl. MPLS VPN-Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) choice of vendor-PAN or Fortinet
    • SP provides every end-customer with centralized view of security, 24*7, via
      • Unified Web Console
      • Mobile Security APP for Firewall security on roadmap
  • Endpoint security
    • Provides definitive, baseline protection required by every SMB employee on every endpoint (PC, Mac, Android, Server) they use for work no matter where – office, home, remote – against malware, phishing, ransomware, unwanted applications etc.
    • Provides automated Zero Day Application & Threat Hunting services, ideal for highly effective protection of endpoints across SMB organizations with limited internal IT /endpoint security expertise or toolsets
    • Choice of dual vendor technologies – Trend Micro (EPP) and WatchGuard (EPDR) – platform API integration NOW for Trend Micro & in future WG (roadmap)
    • Enhanced Mobile Security APP for Endpoint bundled security on roadmap
  • Advanced Detection & Response (ADR)
    • Provides SMB customers with continuous real-time monitoring of security services + automated threat visibility, detection, alerts & response to attacks / incidents – starting with Email (today) and extensible through Web, Firewall & Endpoint (roadmap)
    • Email with ADR – Essentials
      provides in-built advanced protection against targeted phishing and impersonation attacks – Business Email Compromise (BEC), Email Account Takeover, Trusted Relationship etc.
      is available for SPs to sell to ALL new Email customers at no additional charge (included in base license)
    • Email with ADR Premium also provides:
      Continuous threat hunting via retrospective analysis of URL/Links and Attachments in delivered Emails
      Threat containment via automated inbox message clawback to ‘defuse’ advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks by cyber criminals before any damage can be caused to SMBs’ business
      Dark Web Monitoring services to report leakage of SMB domain and user credentials from data breaches that present an increased attack surface and cyber risk to the SMB
      Mobile Security APP for alerts, notifications and incident response
    • ADR for Email + Web security bundles – offering additional Email user retrospective URL/Link ‘click-through’ threat detection and alerts, automated inbox message clawback and analytics – available in H1 CY22

Microsoft and Google simply do not need to deliver good enough security that ALL BUSINESS – especially SMBs – require, can manage and can afford.

Microsoft Email security as part of M365 / Office 365 is designed as extremely ‘feature-heavy’ to suit larger Enterprises that are ‘Microsoft IT shops’ and internal security expertise and teams , with the disadvantages of:

  • having too much console complexity;
  • being too difficult to configure & use;
  • missing targeted phishing attacks;
  • producing too many ‘false positives’; and
  • costing too much for most SMBs.

Google email security is simpler to use, more intuitive to manage and more cost-effective than Microsoft but does not provide good enough protection against advanced threats and attacks for SMBs.

Neither Microsoft or Google can provide the minimum level of continuous threat protection or accessibility / visibility of security required by SMBs beyond email to web, firewall and endpoint.

BY CONTRAST: CyberCision enables SPs to deliver integrated security to SMBs that fulfills all primary needs:

  • excellent protection (on email – but also across web, firewall, endpoint)
  • low cost
  • simple to use
  • easy to manage
  • always accessible, visible

Cisco Umbrella does not deliver good enough security for SMBs against today’s cyber criminals.

If buying Cisco Umbrella directly, the SMB is not protected against a very important threat type – i.e. targeted zero-day spear phishing attacks with email links (or attachments).

Cisco Umbrella only provides protection against previously identified threats. Unfortunately, almost all targeted phishing attacks are unique and have never been seen before, or are intentionally camouflaged to be classified as safe.

By contrast, CyberCision has unique technology that not only blocks known phishing URLs/Links BUT ALSO:

  • retrospectively analyses and detects any previously unknown or deemed safe url/links or attachments in emails already delivered to the users’ inbox that are now ‘armed’, and
  • automatically removes or ‘disarms’ these messages BEFORE they are clicked by users.

This operates across all SMB employee/user email inboxes, not just the user that clicks. This is all automated, with no effort by SMB to configure or manage.

CyberCision offers a more complete, relevant, manageable & cost-effective perimeter security solution (email, web, firewall, endpoint and ADR) to SMBs than M365 (security suite).

Notwithstanding the recent announcement about Microsoft (Endpoint) Defender for Business (for up to 300 employee organizations, which clearly suggest a very ‘wide’ interpretation of ‘SMB’ skewed towards the mid-market), M365 is missing several cloud-delivered security technologies that CyberCision provides:

  • Web security
  • Firewall security; and
  • ADR (Email + Web)
    CyberCision is a superior solution than M365 for Telco SPs (Partners) and SMBs in several respects:
    a) CyberCision Email + Web + ADR is better than M365 for Telco SPs because it:
  • Directly addresses Telco SP own-branded differentiation opportunities & white-label requirements for security service offerings (M365 does not – all Microsoft branded)
  • Reinforces and leverages Telco SPs’ core business services and strategic assets by enabling ‘Integrated’ and ‘Bundled’ security service offerings (M365 comes as standalone ‘simple resale’ offering only)
  • Provides the Telco SP an easy pathway to create customized, valuable and compelling/differentiated security service offer packages for the Telco SP’s specific markets and customer segments (M365 definitely does not allow this – their packages are defined and rigid, ‘take or leave it’! )
  • Provides the Telco SP a sustainable, longer-term enterprise-grade security roadmap for SMBs from many ‘best -of- breed’ security vendors other than Microsoft;
  • Explicitly recognises and addresses Telco SPs’ key business and service process requirements that are essential to running, expanding & scaling their business with SMB and SOHO customers vs. Microsoft which makes no distinction between a ‘Telco SP’ and any other ‘reseller’ serving SMBs i.e. Cloud Solution Provider/CSP partner, nor does it even acknowledge the Telco’s unique situation and needs;
  • Provides greater scope & opportunities for Telco SPs to generate bigger margins than simple M365 security resale (where margin opportunities are definitely constrained & vulnerable – see next point);
  • Avoids the inevitable, known trend for M365 subscription pricing to increase on renewal placing pressure back on Telco SPs to ‘give-away’ margin to satisfy and retain SMB end users.
    b)  CyberCision Email + Web + ADR/XDR is better than M365 for SMBs

In terms of CyberCision XDR applied to Email + Web + ADR (launched in Q3), it will deliver equal or better targeted threat protection technology against advanced phishing attacks than M365, and is more affordable/usable/manageable for any SMB end-user organization.

Specifically, its advantages across the technology, affordability, usability/manageability dimensions are:

  1. Technology Efficacy
    • CyberCision Email+Web+ADR (XDR- powered) gives any SMB ‘democratised’ access to SIEM , SOAR , TI technologies that normally only larger enterprises can access – to automatically prevent, detect and respond to targeted threats and attacks (incl phishing links/attachments and CEO Fraud) – before, during and after the attacks (post-delivery of phishing emails into user’s inboxes where they are ‘time bombs’ waiting for users to trigger).
    • Microsoft/M365 (MDO/APT) does not provide retrospective (post-delivery but pre-breach) email phishing or malware/ransomware threat discovery & protection like CyberCision does – though it does, like CyberCision, offer remediation e.g. automated incident response and remediation i.e email message removal from inbox and moving to spam/junk folder.
    • Also our experience with Microsoft/M365 (MDO Plan 1/2 ), is that it generates many false positive alerts for phishing, impersonation or malware – which translates to a major nuisance, distraction and productivity impact for businesses – especially smaller SMBs that have little to no internal security expertise to know what to do with these false alerts. CyberCision comes with low false positive and low ‘alert noise’ settings as standard (in other words it only alerts SMBs admins to high probability targeted phishing email/attacks).
    • Microsoft/M365 (MDO) does provide additional phishing and impersonation protection capabilities for cloud business collaboration tools like Teams and Sharepoint, that CyberCision does not offer today, HOWEVER these are NOT primary threat channels or attack vectors for SMBs (small business organizations) – rather only mid-market and larger enterprises (typ. >300-500 employees) are at genuine risk from these digital channels.
  2. Affordability
    Microsoft requires any SMB to subscribe to a very expensive package subscriptions e.g Microsoft Defender for O365 (MDO) Plan 1 or 2 (or M365/Enterprise-E5) to get almost the same security and protection against primary cyber threat to SMBs i.e. targeted phishing & ransomware, as CyberCision Email + Web + ADR.The Microsoft subscription includes many other cloud business suite and systems features, aimed at larger enterprises and organizations, that are superfluous to most SMBs’ needs or abilities to use or manage (Microsoft’s strategy of feature bloat in their subscriptions/plans to maintain a premium price).What’s more, from 1st March 2022 (source: Microsoft), Microsoft will INCREASE the price of its M365/O365 plans/subscriptions (incl. most Security subscriptions) – a compelling, timing opportunity for FCT and Partners to exploit!
  3. Usability/Manageability
    Microsoft requires SMB admins to be VERY tech savvy to even start to use their M365 security consoles let alone properly configure and monitor/manage their organizational Email, Web and ADR security.Whilst Microsoft is trying to improve console useability, they are still designed first and foremost for enterprise IT/Security administrators.Whereas, CyberCision Email portals and dashboards are far simpler for SMBs to understand and use (or not have to use if they wish not to – they are still optimally protected ‘out-of-the-box’), yet still support more rigorous threat hunting and analysis by more skilled & sophisticated security admins of larger SMBs if needed.What all this means is that SMB customers will be ‘better off‘ buying a CyberCision-powered security service bundle from their Telco/SP than relying on M365 only , paying for their expensive security service – MDO.


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