29 November 2018

Automate, Control, Lead – Open Culture Key To Doing More With Less

Automate, Control, Lead – Open Culture Key To Doing More With Less

Thousands of organisations worldwide rely on Opmantek Software to ensure that their IT environments are performing at their peak at all times including some of the biggest managed service and telecommunications providers in the world.

As the current Australian ICT Exporter of the year we are often asked how a relatively small organization is able to support such an enormous client base with so many blue-chip organisations – how do we compete against the industry heavyweights with big budgets and huge sales teams?

We draw on our open source culture to do more with less.  At Opmantek we live by the mantra Automate, Control, Lead.  This is our internal driver and the outcomes that we are committed to delivering to our customers too.


Automation has always been critical to Opmantek.  Not only do we believe that any task that needs to be done more than once should be automated, but because of our history of releasing open source products, we know how important it is to have intuitive software that users can install, configure and update remotely without the assistance of a support team.


We give it to you.  We don’t believe in locking your data away, it should be yours to extract, transform, analyse and interpret in whatever way you like.  We also make it easy for you to introduce new data sources into our platform.  You can correlate, compare and digest information from other applications and data sources through our API’s, meaning that you can continue to use your existing cloud Application Log monitoring solution for example AND THEN feed the information into Opmantek Software in order to better deep dive, analyse and manage events.


We listen to our customers and develop rapidly, making sure that we are always leading the way when it comes to addressing the latest customer needs.  With a focus on personal service from our highly communicative technical support team, you get insights into the product lifecycle, can provide direct feedback to the development team and can, therefore, shape the software so that your organization can lead the pack over those using cookie cutter solutions.

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