27 June 2022

CyberCision Mobile App: Visibility and Real-time Monitoring of Cybersecurity Threats

CyberCision Mobile App: Visibility and Real-time Monitoring of Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and businesses need to be taking steps to protect themselves. Our CyberCision Mobile App offers Visibility and real-time monitoring of cyber-security threats so that you can rest assured that your business is safe. With our app, you can also access historic reporting, all available to be white-labelled for our Partners.

Released as part of our Phase II CyberCision Launch, the CyberCision Mobile App offers unparalleled visibility into the cyber-security threats facing businesses today. With real-time monitoring and historic reporting, the app provides clients with a comprehensive view of the risks they face. Available to be white-labelled for service providers and telco partners, this powerful app gives visibility and control to those who need it to stay ahead of the cyber-criminals.

For End Users

With the tap of a finger, end users are able to review current and historic incidents within their email security posture in the palm of their hand, including real-time alerting to ensure any urgent matters are addressed instantly. This allows businesses to quickly identify and resolve any potential issues before they become damaging breaches. In addition, the ability to review past incidents helps businesses to learn and adapt, helping to prevent future attacks.

For Service Providers

Eliminating the need to replicate app development work, our platform is fully customisable for our service provider and telco partners. This allows you to put these powerful tools into your customer’s hands, branded as your own. What’s more, this added visibility helps to reinforce the value of the email security offering in place, so you can lead informed conversations with your customers about how to best protect their business from cybersecurity threats.