27 November 2018

Do You Have a Positive Audit Relationship?

Do You Have a Positive Audit Relationship?

It happens to everyone in some form, an unknown number calling, an email from a Government agency or the day circled in red for an IT audit. The feeling of dread is associated with these instances, with the rights tools, this can be mitigated.

Regarding an IT audit, this would induce the dread feeling if you have no visibility or control over your IT assets.

This can be countered using open-source tools that require less than 10 minutes to install.

Once you have everything configured you will get reliable audit information that encompasses your IT environment.

Taking this one step, investing time and focus only, will shift how you view your audit calendar. You will start to develop a positive working relationship with your auditors and start improving the visibility into your network. Combine this with NMIS and you can gain insights into your network performance and have event management.

For more information about Opmantek’s open-source solutions, there is a terrific webinar coming up, registration is available here.

If you have missed the registration, there is an on-demand version available to watch here.

If you would like to trial all our products, we have a Virtual Machine that is extremely easy to set up, which includes both Open-AudIT and NMIS, this is available for download here.