17 May 2019

Testing Open-AudIT’s Discovery System

Testing Open-AudIT’s Discovery System

I have been asked numerous times to list exactly what Open-AudIT can discover, answering “everything’ causes people to doubt the ability of the product. It is almost as if we need to limit the discussion on the features to make it a believable product. That is not something I would ever like to do. So instead of bringing the product down, I thought I would demonstrate how to test the power of Open-AudIT quickly and easily.

To accomplish this, I imported the Opmantek Virtual Machine into VirtualBox and accessed my install from my browser. (More on that is available here if needed).

Opmantek Virtual Machine Page - 700
From here I clicked the Open-AudIT Community button and by clicking the “Audit this PC” button a shell script is downloaded.
Open-AudIT Login screen - 700

I ran this script from my terminal and it outputted a .xml file that had the audit results. I logged into Open-AudIT (The default username/password is in the blue banner) and was able to import the results of the audit directly.

Open-AudIT Import Device Audit - 700

After this was accomplished I navigated to the device list and can see my computer in the list that may or may not be named after Shaq.

Open-AudIT Audit Results 1 - 700

And a great indication of the software that is discovered from this process as well.

Open-AudIT Software Discovered - 700

That was a really quick way to test the functionality of Open-AudIT with your own machine. The best part of this is you can do this from any machine if you are using VirtualBox or a similar provider. Test this on your device today and you will see the amazing benefits of using this in your organization.