13 June 2018

The Benefits of an Opmantek Demo

The Benefits of an Opmantek Demo

The Networking Industry is known to impose high expectations while operating with minimal resources. This develops network engineers to become some of the more resourceful employees and most valuable assets to any organisation.

A common question that we constantly get asked about our products is

“Can you do …” or “Can you help me with …”  or even “How does … work?”

and the best answer is always, let’s show you in a demo.

But what consists of a demo from Opmantek?

A demo involves setting up a common time with one of our Systems Engineers to demonstrate our products that are running off a server in our office on the Gold Coast of Australia. It is a fantastic way to see the insights and power that our products deliver while seeing the how fast our actions are completed (if you are outside Australia you are dealing with international levels of latency).

The first screen you will see from our products is the Virtual Machine that we offer (Download it here!) seen below. From this screen, the product that will solve your problem is just one click away. Our engineers will take you on a tour of the product while explaining the key features that are relevant to your needs.

However, the key feature of an Opmantek demo is the ability to outline a problem that you are having with your network and have one of our engineers show you how a solution can be easily achieved with our software. The flexibility and customisation in our products allow us to solve most problems facing network engineers.

Every network can be optimised further and with our tools, the following organisations have all seen value in our products: