04 September 2018

Three steps to strengthen your cyber security posture

Three steps to strengthen your cyber security posture

Cyber threats abound in the digital age, and organisations – large and small – must prepare for the fire.

Attacks are not only becoming more frequent and sophisticated, they are also wreaking greater havoc on companies, governments and critical infrastructure – a trend that’s certain to continue over the years to come. Building and maintaining a strong cyber posture is paramount in preparing for the next generation of attacks, and doing this requires the right people and processes, as well as tools and technologies.

The following three steps will help your organisation evolve beyond tactical and short-term cyber security solutions, and focus on more effective, longer-term strategies.

Number 1: Increase awareness

​Management needs to take proactive steps to increase their cybersecurity awareness and not only acknowledge the risks, but lead and own actions and decisions. Cybersecurity must also be recognised as everyone’s responsibility rather than that of the IT department alone.

Number 2: Know what’s at risk

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any business. In a breach, internal and confidential data, as well as customers’ data could be leaked, modified or stolen. Detail severity levels and the required responses for each.

Number 3: Deploy cutting-edge cyber solutions

Businesses and government agencies need affordable access to the most advanced, comprehensive and adaptive cloud-based cyber security solutions if they are to mitigate zero-day cyber threats.

At FirstWave, we have developed and deployed machine learning and API technologies that automate, accelerate and optimise cloud-security delivery, threat protection and security management to more than 300 small to medium businesses, as well as enterprise and government customers.


The severity, scope, and cost of a security breach increases with every hour it remains unresolved. And while there is no silver bullet that is guaranteed to stop attacks, your organisation can take effective steps that minimise the damage. Planning and preparation are key to reducing the impact of cyber exploits on your business and its customers so please call us today on +61 2 9409 7000.