22 June 2018

Why Companies Need To Invest In Network Monitoring?

Why Companies Need To Invest In Network Monitoring?

Businesses are becoming more reliant on information technology to achieve day-to-day business goals. The importance of having the right technological processes in place has a direct result on the viability and profitability of a business. A common misconception when regarding poor internet connectivity, “the Internet is down”, this demonstrates how important maintaining a network is, because troubleshooting should start and end with a network engineer. However, in practice, that employee will take time out of their day to ‘fix the Internet’, the time taken is the business cost for not having a reliable network monitoring solution in place. The less reliable the network is, the higher the direct financial loss is.

At Opmantek, we take pride in being solution focused, let’s look at what you would need to solve the above problem. The solution to this problem is to have the right combination of tools, talent and design, you need the right people, in the right environment armed with the best toolset. Opmantek can assist any business by having the right tools, regardless of business size. The tools have been designed with synergy in mind, they all integrate with each other, there is set and forget configuration and full customisation is available if it is needed for your organisation. As well as APIs that will help integrate with existing software, it is made to have to be seamless in its installation.

The installation process is fast, the Virtual Machine can be up and running in 3 minutes, usable by your organisation just minutes after that. The flexibility of the software is seen when operating at scale or across regions because the solution can scale horizontally and vertically at any size you require, regardless of geographic locations. The software leverages agentless scripting, that removes the need to install software on every device while giving it the ability to generate incredible amounts of detail about your network. It is multi-tenanted out of the box and designed to be used for any device, any kit and anywhere.  Our demo server is housed in the Gold Coast office, see below, and used across the world, without delay.

The ability to share information with key stakeholders is crucial for business and personal success. Without the right knowledge, bad decisions can be executed. The ability to see information is essential, but so are the business decisions surrounding editing information. Without strict control over access, there can be security risks, even if they are not deliberate. Having the flexibility to implement role-based access controls or creating view only dashboards is an extremely valuable feature that gives the right information to the right people.

In the example above, where we had the broken internet, the ability to recognize that there is an issue, the speed of recognition, the ability to detect the root-cause of the issue and the speed that the issue is resolved are metrics that a successful network team would like to increase while fixing the connectivity issues. There are horror stories in the industry about groups of servers going down and the event notifications being missed due to other issues. The ability to correlate events, intelligently analyze resource load and automate remediation will help a network team reduce the time to solve issues. Opmantek offers a sophisticated business rules engine, that automates diagnostics and actions in response to events and gives actionable insight with guidelines to remediation.

Gartner has long preached that if a process is conducted four times a year, it should be automated, here at Opmantek we value that insight and extend it. We believe in automated and customizable alert escalation procedures. Custom thresholding is an extremely valuable tool if used correctly, combined with alert escalation and notification procedures will reduce the stress of a network engineer, reduce the workload and move the focus, from fighting fires to improving the overall efficiency of the network.

Businesses that are now operating in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT) have seen the unprecedented stress on their networks, specifically where there was never a focus on networking. As technology has progressed, so has a general business’s reliance on technology to complete simple tasks. With this increased reliance on IT for business operations, there is a growth in the necessity of choosing the right Network Monitoring solution.

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