Opmantek has built its application suite with a few core principles shaping the decision making. Having an Open-Source core is very important, the ability to generate large amounts of data for customers, allowing for customisation to the programs and most relevant to the current article, the ability to integrate with as much as possible.

Integration into custom applications or reporting can be done with our RESTful API; there is an ability to create anything that is required personally. Open-AudIT, for instance, has their API outlined here!

A critical feature that often gets overlooked, however, is the ability to create a dashboard for a client or custom group and allow access to view the dashboard without directly logging in to our system. This can be achieved using a generated token that is embedded into a URL that can be followed. The setup process for this can seem initially complex, but there is a very detailed article on how to implement this here!

This is a useful feature to give users access to the system without giving them direct control, for example, to managers who only want to see that SLAs are met or customers who only need to view their own data.

Using a combination of Delegated Authentication and RBAC, Managed Service Providers have been able to build out customer portals with relatively easy authentication protocols.

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