Trust at FirstWave

FirstWave prides itself on getting all our users access to all their data. This begins with our products giving you all the data on your network, but it extends to any of your personal information. We pride ourselves on ensuring this is safe.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

FirstWave is committed to compliance with the GDPR, we have always believed that your data is your data, all of your personal data can be requested to be received or deleted at any time. The introduction of this legislation has been a priority at FirstWave but it correlates with our inherent beliefs we have held since we started, it is always your data.

FirstWave Subprocessors

Current 14th September, 2022

Third Party Service/ Vendor Purpose Entity Country Website
Mailchimp Email service provider USA
Salesforce Customer Relation Management Japan, USA
AWS Amazon Data hosting Australia, USA


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