Network Management Information System

Monitor the status and performance of any organization's IT environment with NMIS

Relied on my thousands of IT teams gloablly, NMIS is a complete network management system which assists with fault, performance and configuration management.

The complete network management system

NMIS helps with fault, performance, and configuration management. It provides performance graphs, threshold alerting, and detailed notification policies with various methods. NMIS monitors an organization’s IT environment, helps identify and rectify faults, and provides valuable information for IT planning.

Intelligent Monitoring For Any Network Environment

  • Sophisticated business rules engine

  • Automated health live baselining

  • Visible operational impact

  • Pre-configured out-of-the-box solution

  • Massively scalable

  • Customizable alert escalation procedures

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Testimonial picture
With NMIS and FirstWave we have a true partner that we can rely on to make sure we are on top of any issues on our network and have good data and analytics to make sure our customers get top-notch service.

Bill Farmer

Senior Platform Engineer