Distributed Network Management


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Manage Large Geographically Dispersed IT Environments

FirstWave’s opHA is perfectly suited to customers requiring a distributed network management solution, with high availability, multi-tenancy, or where being able to scale is key. opHA is used by Telcos, WISPs, ISPs, managed service providers, businesses, network administrators and banks around the world.
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    Multi-Server Network Architectures

    opHA allows single or multi-primary central server capability that allows pollers to report to one/ many primary for deployment to multiple data centers.

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    Your Data Is Secure

    This authentication model enables you to use credentials for each poller or a shared key, providing a simple or more secure configuration if required.

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    Easily set up a low-maintenance multi-tenant solution entirely configurable from a single screen. Remove issues with any overlapping IP addresses.

  • Geographical Distribution

    Your pollers may be used on local networks cally to the NOC or on-site at a remote location. Pricing remains per node, not per poller; you can design your management solution to match the performance of your distributed network.

  • Provisioning Management

    Simple provisioning of your platform, from pushing changes and building new pollers all at the click of a button while managing your entire distributed monitoring fleet through a single interface.

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    Built-In Flexibility

    Configure opHA to match your network and manage network performance on your infrastructure easily. The open-source core is extended through plug-in modules, allowing you to customize anything.

opHA enables multi-customer functions and views in NMIS, opEvents, and opCharts.

opHA provides high availability, automated redundancy, primary poller functions, and geographic distribution of the management system. opHA can run with a single or multiple primary servers, across multiple networks and data centers locations, with redundant polling, in a single tenant, multi-tenant, or hybrid environment. All collected data is accessible on the primary server, giving users a single place to access information.

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