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Turning Data Into Insights With Advanced Analysis & Reporting

Automate the creation and dissemination of detailed operational and executive-level reports with opReports. Extend NMIS’s built-in reporting functionality with both real time and historical detailed node-level, Quality of Service (QoS), WAN, Response Time, and Interface Utilization reports. Build your custom reports quickly by node, group, length of report, start and/or end dates, then specify your output format.
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    Deep Insights Into NMIS Data

    The advanced reporting is designed to delve into the data that NMIS collects about your network. The reports deliver insights into service levels and measure the trends and performance of your environment.

  • Custom Rules

    Identify conditions and potential business impact, create easy to interpret “traffic lights” for IT managers and administrators.

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    Actionable Insights

    Reports identify conditions that will require action and details required by engineers for further investigation.

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    Expert Analysis

    Expert analysis of key infrastructure health metrics, including router, switch, server, virtual machine, and CPU.

  • Archiving Capability

    Historical comparison is available for all reports generated; view trends easily on all recorded metrics.

  • QoS Reporting

    The Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) offers detailed reporting and analysis for each interface, policy, and class, with full support for Cisco HQoS.

opReports is an advanced network reporting tool designed to provide deep insights into NMIS data. It enables IT managers and administrators to gain a comprehensive understanding of their network’s service levels, trends, and performance through customizable reports.

With the ability to set custom rules, users can easily identify conditions and potential business impacts, simplifying decision-making with intuitive “traffic light” indicators.

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