Creating Actionable Reports With NMIS8 & opReports


Creating Actionable Reports With NMIS8 & opReports

Join Mark Henry as he runs through the most important reports that can be easily generated in opReports and NMIS 8. These are fault finding reports that can help improve your network quickly.

Performance monitoring systems gather data, it’s what they do by their very definition. How you use that data can transform your organization from a reactionary one to a data-driven group that proactively prevents user impacting events and system degradation.

Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

  • How to leverage NMIS8’s built-in reports to create ToDo lists.
  • How to create custom reports from NMIS using simple scripts, examples provided.
  • How Opmantek’s opReports solution enhances NMIS’ reporting to provide truly actionable reports for Engineers and Managers.

Mark had three links posted as useful reading: