Mark Henry explains the difference between a traditional NOC service and a Strategic NOC service and how you to enhance user experience.

Pressure on the network operations center (NOC) has never been higher. Between application requirements for high network performance, endless internet bandwidth, and client demands for ever reduced downtimes and managed cost, the NOC is required to deliver more with less all on an uncompromising 24/7/365 schedule.

Join us as we explore ways to improve your service offerings while managing costs, all while using Opmantek’s Commercial open-source solutions.

In this session we will learn:

  • Differences Between the Traditional NOC Model and a Strategic NOC Offering
  • Developing a Service Catalog with Measurable Service Level Agreements
  • Architecting a Solution for Fast Client On-Boarding and Scalability
  • Identify Your Fully Loaded Costs in Deploying and Growing the Strategic NOC

Follow along with the slides: