Join Paul McClendon, an Opmantek Support Engineer, as he demonstrates how to create organizations to be used in Open-AudIT.

Orgs (Organisations) in Open-AudIT are a key item. A user has a primary Org as well as a list of Orgs they can access. A user combines this with a list of assigned ‘Roles’ that define what actions they can take on items assigned to the Orgs they have access to. The combination of a users ‘Orgs’ and ‘Roles’ define what they can and cannot do within Open-AudIT.

Most items in Open-AudIT are assigned to an Org, Devices, Locations, Networks, etc, etc.

Orgs can have child Orgs. Think of an organisational chart (tree) structure. If a user has access to a specific Org, they also have access to that Orgs descendants.