This guide is designed for those who’d like to find a better way to filter out and optimize the amount and type of events showing up in their operations team’s Inbox; providing the information needed to troubleshoot and resolve incidents on their network, before the customers and the business sees the issue. Download this White Paper by Network Operations Expert Rob Pavone for strategies and solutions on reducing the organization’s mean time to resolution (MTTR), eliminate the unnecessary “noise” seen from the event notifications & more. 

Key Points:

  • What the difference is between Events & Incidents
  • How to Filter, correlate and suppress Event Notifications
  • Learn proactive ways to automate, detect, diagnose and action events
  • Enriching Event Information to support incident management
  • What are the musts for integrated management processes & tracking tools
  • How to use Opmantek’s tools to specifically support your solutions
  • Case study solutions on how to reduce your teams MTTR (the Opie Challenge)