03 October 2022

Re-imagining network monitoring with Enterprise Services Monitoring on opCharts

Re-imagining network monitoring with Enterprise Services Monitoring on opCharts

Providing visibility & answering Executive questions

Enterprise Services Monitoring is a major enhancement to FirstWave’s industry-leading network management platform (NMIS) that is designed to provide monitoring and alerting systems that put the focus on business performance rather than technology.

The Enterprise Services Monitoring extension to NMIS’ infrastructure visualization platform, opCharts, re-imagines monitoring for IT networks and services and allows administrators and management to monitor and provide alerts based on the genuine business impacts, while drilling down for root cause identification in a single click.

But what does it mean and how does it work?

Video: Hear About opCharts Enterprise Services

The Challenge: Where do you start looking when something goes wrong in your organization?

Modern organizations rely on networked applications to succeed. In these complex environments, with multiple connected devices working together to support your applications, how do you maintain visibility of all of these critical services, and the infrastructure they depend on?
Enterprise Services monitors a collection of resources delivering customer and business services, such as:

  • Customer-facing website or portals
  • Business critical applications or SaaS tools
  • Service Provider network solutions to customers

The Solution: Single-click root cause identification of issues.

Enterprise Services improves business outcomes through reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR). It monitors the service end-to-end, not just node or devices health, and saves the pain-staking process often required to bridge the gap from service impact to root cause.

  • One-click drill down to identify root cause
  • Real-time representation providing context to your complete network
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of service status, not just node or device health
  • Top-down view, rather than traditional bottom-up

Enterprise Services Monitoring from FirstWave

If you want to see the power of single-click root cause identification and understand how FirstWave can help you reduce MTTR, reach out to our team for a personalized demo today.