04 August 2021

Why IP Address Management Is Important

Why IP Address Management Is Important

Whether you’re a small organization or an enterprise, efficient management of IP addresses can be the difference between a functional network and an inaccessible service.

Increasing complexities, growing device numbers, Cloud Computing, IoT and BYOD continue to heighten the importance of managing your IP address space.

Relying on manual record keeping for network connectivity and core business functions can prove risky, even for the most organized of spreadsheets.

What’s Needed for an Efficient IP Address Management Strategy


Accurate IP delegation and record keeping, ensuring no conflict or associated service outages.
opAddress can allocate and track IP addresses dynamically. Search, view and manage address information, ensuring a critical information baseline is established.


An easy to use system that minimizes data entry, making the process for IT teams faster, more efficient, and less tedious
With powerful out-of-the-box capabilities, opAddress requires little or no configuration. Automatically discover the network addressing of production networks and quickly edit or reallocate addresses as needed.


Accurate, up-to-date data to help identify new devices and ensure only those authorized are on your network.
New data is captured and recorded by opAddress every thirty minutes.
Gain full visibility over IP address by device and analyze historical information.


Future proofing and capacity planning to accommodate increasing device numbers and network complexities.
opAddress is extensible to grow with your business. Handle complex environments such as multiple tenancies, subdomains and overlapping address spaces with ease.