Opmantek Chairman Danny Maher explains why AI developed Down Under is now running in 178 countries.

Hi Danny. Let’s get straight to it … What’s your global point of difference?

We’re the only software in the world that can discover, audit and intelligently manage anything at any scale. That makes us very popular with IT teams and managed service providers* across all industries — the bigger the better.

*Companies that remotely manage a customer’s IT infrastructure or end-user systems

Your blurb also describes Opmantek as a world leader in IT infrastructure management. In simple terms, that means …

On the infrastructure management side, our software is a key system used by IT operations teams across all industries — it acts like the dashboard of a car and tells them how fast everything is going and lets them know when something is faulty. It even predicts future faults, and that’s a big part of the AI.

The longer you run our software, the smarter it gets — it learns about your IT Infrastructure and starts to automatically manage it better and deliver better information to the IT operations team.

Can you give us an example?

Imagine a telecommunications company when your local internet services go down. Our software would tell the telco why and, more importantly, it would allow the telco to avoid that outage in the first place by detecting or predicting the fault before it affected services.

On the audit side, our software discovers and audits everything connected to a network so that IT operations teams can manage the related risk and compliance — if you don’t know what’s out there, you can’t manage the risk associated with it. It answers questions like how many Oracle databases are installed? Which laptops have not been seen for 3 months or more? Do we have any devices that are running software with security issues connected to our network? Are we compliant with the standards relevant to our industry?

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