15 August 2023

FirstWave Open-AudIT Recognised As Best Agentless Discovery Tool For IT Asset Management

FirstWave Open-AudIT Recognised As Best Agentless Discovery Tool For IT Asset Management

Australian technology developed by FirstWave Cloud Technology (ASX: FCT) has been recognised as the best agentless discovery tool in the world for IT asset management by the pro-consumer website Camparitech.

Comparitech chose FirstWave’s Open-AudIT platform above all others and, additionally, finding through it´s automated discovery that it was “the most useful IT asset management tool you can have”.

Open-AudIT, which 150,000 organisations around the world use, is an application to tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured, and when it changes.

The software intelligently scans an organisation’s network and stores the configurations of the discovered devices. This gives network administrators immediate access to software licensing, configuration changes, non-authorised devices, capacity utilisation and hardware warranty status reports.

FirstWave CEO Danny Maher said Open-AudIT had been designed as a feature-rich network management and audit platform for organisations of any size.

“Regardless of the size of your network, device discovery is a critical tool for maintaining hardware and software inventories and is also critical in securing and managing your enviornement – if you don´t know what is there you can´t manage it or secure it” he said.

“To be recognised by Comparitech as the ‘best’ platform reinforces what we already knew – Open-AudIT is the world’s number one tool for network discovery and IT Audit.”

In selecting it as the best platform, Comparitech highlighted Open-AudIT’s configuration management and network mapper as crucial features.

Open-AudIT can collect significant amounts of data from large and varying networks that are catalogued and can easily be configured into meaningful reports.

“The configuration manager is a security service because it takes a snapshot of the settings of each device and rechecks all equipment periodically. The snapshot can also be used to standardise the settings of all similar devices,” the report said.

“The network mapper offers a range of formats, including a plot on a real-world map as well as rack visualisation.”

Open-AudIT is part of FirstWave’s network management software suite that runs on Windows Server and Linux. There is also a cloud SaaS version available. The on-premises system is offered for free as a Community Edition, which includes asset discovery but there are significant advantages to upgrade to the paid/ commercial versions which are packaged as Professional and Enterprise.

Integrated with Open-AudIT is FirstWave’s NMIS suite of network management solutions which  offers a comprehensive platform to monitor and manage all devices seamlessly. It provides real-time monitoring, event correlation, and configuration management capabilities, empowering organisations to oversee their entire network infrastructure from a single interface, including IoT devices.

The software is used by over 150,000 organisations globally, including Microsoft, Telmex, and NASA.