FirstWave is excited to announce that development has been completed on the company’s new Microsoft 365 Frictionless Email Security offering.

Microsoft 365 Frictionless Email Security is an automated activation method available on the CyberCision platform to enable Microsoft 365 customers to seamlessly add CyberCision Email Security services to their Microsoft 365 accounts. This replaces the need to change mail routing rules and spam filtering as well as changes to DNS settings when activating FirstWave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) services. It will allow FirstWave’s Partners to onboard email security customers at scale, at speed and with minimal effort and will open new channels to market with the ability for Microsoft 365 licensing partners to offer the product as a simple add-on at purchase or renewal time.

FirstWave CEO Danny Maher said, ”This is another fantastic milestone for the company. The release of Frictionless Email Security further enables service providers to deliver low-cost, world-class cybersecurity protection at scale. This release supports the CyberCision vision to make frictionless cybersecurity protection affordable for businesses and profitable for service providers globally. I look forward to the upcoming Phase II CyberCision launch and getting these technologies in the hands of our partners and their clients.”

FirstWave continues to enable FirstWave’s Partners and future partners, which include some of the world’s largest Telcos, and managed service providers (MSPs), to provide best-in-class cybersecurity technologies to protect their vulnerable business customers from cyber-attack, while rapidly growing their cybersecurity services revenues at scale.

Following the successful Phase I launch of CyberCision last October, the most transformational technology upgrade in FirstWave’s history, FirstWave has now delivered on its promise to launch Microsoft 365 Frictionless Email Security services, an important part of the upcoming launch of CyberCision Phase II.