It’s a big day at FirstWave Cloud Technology, as we introduce CyberCision — the world’s only open security management platform (OSMP), which will rapidly grow cybersecurity revenues at scale and lower costs.

CyberCision is a transformational enhancement to FirstWave’s cybersecurity platform, enabling Telcos, SP, and MSSPs (Partners) to rapidly scale-out new security services while lowering cost-to-serve, in a totally frictionless way.

Meeting the challenges of SMB cybersecurity
After extensive consultation with our customers and partners, it was clear that SMBs and mid-market players were facing two distinct challenges. The first involves the rapidity of business digitisation and cloud migration — both accelerated because of COVID-19. Small and mid-sized businesses were suddenly tasked with redirecting limited resources to cybersecurity strategy, amidst a backdrop of ever-intensifying complexity and frequency of cyber attacks.

Secondly, telecommunications services providers have failed to take on the mantle as leading providers of cybersecurity through their networks and with their connectivity services to their massive SMB customer bases, despite their natural and obvious advantages in this regard.

Instead, because they lacked the platform to integrate and deliver the essential security services, easily consumable, at scale with low cost, Telcos have ceded this position to opportunistic technology providers and cloud heavyweights .

In response, FirstWave developed CyberCision — a Telco-purpose platform with fully integrated security services suite comprising email, web, firewall, and endpoint, for comprehensive SMB protection.

CyberCision’s key features include:

  • Automated detection capabilities and mass scale response
  • Digital marketplace integration for widest market and customer addressability
  • Fully integrated security functions from leading vendors including Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Trend Micro.
  • Orchestrates all security functions and provisions services (email security with Microsoft 365/Google, cloud web security, virtualised firewalls, endpoint security)
  • Continuous monitoring of all customer’s services for threats, automatically detecting, notifying, and responding to critical alerts or incidents within seconds

How does CyberCision work?

  1. The Telco SP subscribes to the CyberCision platform as-a-service
  2. It chooses how much it wants to pay monthly, selecting one or more available security services to launch
  3. Publishes the services to its digital marketplace
  4. Connects its network, cloud, and operational systems to standard, published APIs

Then the CyberCision platform does the rest!