GOLD COAST, QLD – Opmantek Software, a leading provider of intelligent Network Management and Audit systems today announced the early access release of its new AWS and Azure discovery and audit capabilities.

The release builds upon Opmantek’s existing suite of cloud ready tools designed to automate network administration and bring visibility to the growing number of mid to large size organisations operating in hybrid environments with a mixture of on premise and cloud based infrastructure and applications.

Opmantek General Manager, Adam Leeflang said the company’s strong history of process automation has made Opmantek software a popular choice for discovery and audit in today’s complex business networks. “Opmantek Software has been developed by network engineers for network engineers who understand what it takes to manage network infrastructure that expands beyond a physical premises.  Our latest cloud offerings continue to deliver on our promise to automate and streamline the repetitive tasks, provide ‘all of network’ visibility and deliver insights and analysis to help engineers perform at their best.”

The use of cloud based infrastructure and applications is a continuing trend in IT departments globally and the ability for IT teams to audit, monitor and manage these services is a growing requirement for businesses.  Companies wishing to receive early access to Opmantek’s AWS and Azure discovery and audit features can do so by registering their interest here.