A new version of opConfig has just been released and included are some extremely powerful and exciting features.

The major feature that has been introduced is the ability to write custom plugins for postprocessing of data.

There is a lot of potential with what you can do with this feature and we are excited to see what is now possible.

Further, there have been some additions to the functionality within the GUI which will help users streamline their day, see image below;

Of course, I am sure you noticed the Raw Text button, that can convert the output to the raw text for you;
Cisco Raw Output - 700

To find out the full release notes, head over to our community wiki – here!

To find out more about the new plugins feature, we have a full article on the wiki – here!

However, if there is too much talk and not enough action, download the latest version of opConfig – Here!!!!

Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and any licenses issued before Sept 2017 will not work for opConfig 3.1.1: You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of opConfig. You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email contact@opmantek.com.