17 June 2019

Open-AudIT V3.1.0 New Release

Open-AudIT V3.1.0 New Release

Opmantek has always prided itself on creating software that can work in any environment, with any equipment and be able to integrate with any software. Open-AudIT and NMIS have always worked side-by-side and could be connected through the CLI. However, this may not be the most ideal solution for some operators, Open-AudIT 3.1.0 has introduced integration into the GUI.

In Open-AudIT 3.1.0 we have changed the codebase to allow us to provide Open-AudIT Cloud in the near future. A hosted version of Open-AudIT that is always up to date, gets the latest code before regular releases, gets patches and bug fixes straight away and minimises the amount of infrastructure on-premise required to get Open-AudIT up and running.

To get a full overview of the integration feature for Open-AudIT you can do so – here.

There have also been improvements around The Default Network Address, example device data, audit subsection processing, logging improvements, bug fixes and more.

Opmantek’s senior systems engineer Mark Henry, outlined the process to get this installed and running automatically for a recent client, read more about that – here.

Full release notes can be seen – Here!