Years back, virtual reality was something tech intellectuals experimented with in their own homes. Most people didn’t know what it was, something about dragons? Do you put this strange headset thing on? It all seemed a bit like the Matrix.
Fast forward a few years, Virtual Reality (VR) has been elevated far beyond gimmick status. University students are currently utilising the unique capabilities of VR to tackle complex health and safety issues in the workplace. Councillor & Judge Glenn Tozer, Gold Coast City Council, states the importance of “training in a virtual environment is revolutionary in lowering the risk and injury rate of employees in our workplaces.”

Last Wednesday evening Opmantek partnered with Griffith University to acknowledge the outstanding Industry Projects featuring VR and investigative applications, exemplifying tech with a community conscience. Three of the highest achieving groups from Griffith multimedia, design and ICT presented their Industry Project in competition for $2000 of funding.

The finalists were Virtual Soccer Coach, CSI Application and Vision VR.



The Opmantek award-winning group, Vision VR, were able to integrate Virtual Reality with workplace health and safety, solving prevalent safety issues for factory and production line workers. The software developed by the team, allows employees to familiarise themselves with training, machinery and daily operations. The detailed and varied training modules allow for the guidance and assessment of employees’ protection, featured knowledge and protocols – leading to future safety enhanced companies.

The key to creating a better tomorrow is safety training software. Employers utilising VR as a training option for employees will be exposed to innumerable benefits, Cr. reiterates that “As a growing and innovative city, training and education are crucial – it’s a billion-dollar industry.”

Opmantek General Manager, Sharon Hunneybell, says “the collaboration between Griffith University and Opmantek bridges the knowledge gap between graduates and professionals. These projects connect students with real customers and allow them to learn the inner operations of the business world.”

With the support and funding from Opmantek, these Griffith University students will continue to lead the development of safer overall operations for future companies and employees. Griffith University ICT & Work Integrated Learning Project Professor, Dr Andrew Lewis confirmed: “Opmantek gives students the opportunity to work with not only their own company but exterior organisations, allowing them to learn, make mistakes and grow their technical abilities to succeed in their future workplaces.”

As for wanting to come back to the real world? We’re pretty sure it’s the virtual one that will have you hooked…with mind-expanding features along with ease of use, workplace VR safety will have you knowing your thumb pad from your focus wheel in no time.

Thank you to the Opmantek Award’s esteemed judges;

Councillor Glenn Tozer, Gold Coast City Council.

Keith Sinclair Chief Technology Officer, NMIS Founder Opmantek.

Professor Bela Stantic, Head of School, School of Information and Communication Technology.

Honourable mentions and outstanding achievements go out to the following Griffith University students;

Vision VR – Reece Wilson, Gareth Morrison, Adam Glachan, Torben Mitchell, Jay Conway, Oliver Wilson

CSI app – Kirra Rafton, Jacob Littlejohns, Samuel Wren, Chloe Jacobs, Ilija Kljajic

Virtual Soccer Coach – Kirandeep Kaur Chhina, Braden Costin, Rebecca Harvey, Mohini Ganpatbhai Patel