17 September 2020

Opmantek Innovation Awards 2020

Opmantek Innovation Awards 2020

What is it?

Fostering innovation is the catalyst to business growth. Opmantek are proud to support our industry’s growth by sponsoring Griffith Universities Industry award. This award focuses on encouraging students to apply their skills and innovative ideas to real-world situations and business that are in need bright solutions.

Building a diverse and forward-thinking team in today’s climate has never been more important. This event hosted by Griffith’s School of ICT will showcase the emerging talent that is graduating from Griffith University. It is a terrific opportunity if you are looking for staff with qualified project experience, you have an area of interest in entrepreneurship or enjoy the ICT field.

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Griffith - 500

Previous Winners

Octadoc - 400

Team name: Octadoc

The Project: The goal of the project was to re-design an existing online tool, Octadoc. Octadoc allows a GP to record clinic notes more efficiently by streamlining the process. The team re-designed the existing tool to be user friendly and to incorporate the ability to use different templates or create new templates in such a way that they are organised and shareable with other users.

VADSA - 400

Team Name: Vietnamese Agriculture Decision Support App (VADSA)

The Project: VADSA were tasked to develop an Android app that would help farmers, specifically in the Mekong Delta, to help predict farming outcomes based on environmental conditions. VADSA used professional sources and node collection to run a prediction algorithm that gave suggestions on suitable farming techniques to maximise the probability of successful crop generation. This was all packaged on a mobile device for a farmer to use in the field.

Jupiter - 400

Team name: Jupiter 305

The Project: Jupiter 305’s project was called the ‘Virtual Space Tour’, which was a working prototype aimed to enhance the learning material for 7th grade science students through virtual reality.
Vision VR - 400

Team name: Vision VR

The Project: Vision VR utilized the unique capabilities of Virtual Reality to tackle the complex issue of Health and Safety for factory and production line workers. In conjunction with Tafe Coomera, the team built an accurate virtual training space for their client, packaging company Orora, to use with training their employees to familiarize themselves with the machinery they will use in their day to day operations. The high level of detail and various training modes allow for guided training and assessment of employee’s knowledge of safety features and protocols and moves toward a safer overall operation for both companies and employees.